Spreading the Awareness for the Geospatial Education

GIS education
GIS education

GIS is the acronym for Geographic Information Systems and it is a discipline in itself. It is also known as the Geospatial technology. It facilitates the activities related to the time and space of a region. These include the GPS (Global Positioning System), the study of the pictures and data collected by the satellites, weather patterns of a particular day or a span of few days, and a lot of other activities too. Geospatial education is so much in demand because of its very nature

The Geographical Information Systems software is made to store information about our planet, and in such a way that we people can manipulate is according to our needs and derive information that is generally available in the form of a map.

The Geographic Information Systems, or the GIS, may once have been an alien discipline that individuals failed to wish to interact even, however it’s a unique century and therefore the times have modified evidently. Mainstream isn’t what the gen Z, or the present generation, is searching for. The present students and also the future ones are searching for professions that excite them, make then love their work, feel extremely relatable, and doesn’t compromise on the money half. And if there’s a course and profession that ticks all the boxes, it’s the geographic information systems.

Due to the very reason of this course turning out to be so popular in the recent times, GIS education has started in almost all colleges, universities, and online portals. Not only in your graduation and post-graduation, but you can also get introduced to this discipline and its parts in school. A lot of schools have introduced the GIS in their curriculum in Senior Secondary classes so that students who are interested to pursue the GIS education in their college have a basic idea of what they are getting into. 

Why is it Important for us to have Geospatial Education?

The study of Geospatial technology is very technical and professional and a lot of you might be thinking about why it has been introduced in high school. The reason given by the schools is that the parents of high school students expect the school to teach the kids about things that will help them to learn about globalization in this century and also help them to adapt to their professions once they leave college and land into jobs. Because the geospatial courses are related to the space of a region, it also helps the students to know their space and region a little better than before. 

It is basic human nature to be both curious and fascinated about the place we live in – the Earth. Considering how vast and diverse the geography of our planet, the study only gets interesting. The best part about this discipline is that it has its branches spread in a lot of other disciplines. For example, it is connected to geography, it is used to study the weather of a region, hence meteorology, it helps to formulate economic policies, thus has a part in economics as well, and lastly, it facilitates social work, which is another discipline in itself. These are a few disciplines that we know are connected to GIS education. There might be more disciplines linked to the GIS in the future.

Spreading GIS Awareness

Geographic Information System has turned out to be such a revolutionary and important topic in the history of technology that an entire day has been dedicated to this invention and its components. Every year an event called the GIS day is followed to celebrate the Geographic Information System technology. This is done to create Geospatial awareness so that more and more people can know about this revolutionary technology and how it affects our daily lives and makes it easier than before.  

The initiative of dedicating one day in a year to this mind-blowing technology was taken by Esri, a company that is the world leader in spatial analytics. This day was first celebrated in the year 1999. The current president and co-founder of this institution gives the credit to Ralph Nader for creating the GIS day. This day is celebrated all around the world in a very productive manner. The users of the GIS technology are free to demonstrate how they are implying this technology into the real world, and not only benefitting from them individually, but also affecting the society as a whole. This day has found its place in international forums and every year, global institutions that are related to geography, geology, and other disciplines, come forward to sponsor this huge event. 


GSI is a discipline that is only rising in the future with its high-end technologies and a fair chunk of the youth opting to pursue this as their career. Advanced technologies like this will not take much time to rule over the technology industry all over the world. Hence, it has been really important to go for Geospatial education.      


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