Are Hand Sanitizers Safe for Your Family?

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hand sanitizer 4954459 1280

Hand sanitizers tend to be very helpful when you don’t have access to soap and water. They can come in many different shapes and forms. You can find them in gels, or natural hand sanitizer spray or wipes. Most of the time these products are alcohol-based and are easy and convenient when you don’t have access to regular things to clean.

But do these things keep you safe from all the diseases and bacteria? Or are these harmful? Let’s get answers to some basic questions people might have about hand sanitizers.

Should you substitute water with hand sanitizers?

Hand sanitizers can be a substitute for soaps and water, but they are dependent on various factors. For example, when your hands have dirt or grease on them, you can’t use hand sanitizer directly on them to clean up, instead you need to clean your hands with water first so that there are no granules left that might scratch or make more mess.

Once these things are clean, you would generally need to dry your hands a little bit. Though some hand sanitizers can be used when your hands are a little wet.

But when you don’t have access to water and you have been touching various objects, you can use hand sanitizer to clean up your hands. They should be able to protect you from any germs. Just make sure that you don’t have dirt visible on your hands.

Do they protect your health?

In general, most of the hand sanitizers claim that they kill 99% of the germs in your hands. With scientific studies all over the world, it has been proven that using hand sanitizers do help you stay a bit protected from germs that might get transferred via air or touch.

These are especially good for use when you have been in your office for some time and want to clean up your hands without leaving your desk. Using hand sanitizer regularly prevents any kind of stomach related disease as well. Since most of them start with your hands being dirty.

During the events of coronavirus as well, hand sanitizer has come to help a lot of people. And all major health organizations have helped people stay protected from the virus spreading on to them. So the answer is a firm yes, it does help people stay protected from germs and infections.

What kind of hand sanitizer should you start using?

There are mainly three types of hand sanitizers you can find out there. These are in the form of foam; gel-filled bottles or use them as hand wipes. As long as the product has at least 60 to 70 percent alcohol in them, you should be good with any kind of hand sanitizer.

In previous studies in America, it was found that using a sanitizer that had high levels of hand sanitizers help protect people from the H1N1 flu virus. Similarly, during the coronavirus outbreak, hand sanitizers have helped keep people safe from getting infected.

How to use hand sanitizer?

The most common mistake people make is not using hand sanitizers enough. You have to understand that you are touching objects regularly in your day to day life, so you must use them whenever you get some time.

The best directions are getting your hand sanitizer dispenser, squeeze out some hand sanitizer in your palm, about the size of a regular coin and rub it thoroughly in both hands. Don’t wash it afterward, it will dry on its own.


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