Top Five Fantasy Swords of all times

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Fantasy movies are viral nowadays because of their relevance to science, fiction, horror, magic, or supernatural events. Most of the fans are also engaged with the gear items of their favorite characters. They like to use the weapons and costumes of their favorite characters in different events. Hundreds of fictional collectibles are being used in fantasy movies, video games, and cartoons with astonishing storylines and remarkable designs. Today, in this content, we are going to discuss 5 best fantasy swords of all times that fans like to buy and use in the cosplays. So, let’s start the proceeding. 

Thunderfury Sword

Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker is the traditional sword once exercised by the Thunderaan, also known as the Wind Seeker, (Prince of the air). Al’akir, the Windlord, was the son of Prince, who was attacked by the Firelord named Ragnaros. Ragnaros is trying to uplift the adequately incredible force that the fire mostly held. Ragnaros succeeded; nonetheless, Thunderaan’s capacity couldn’t be taken into his form. Players in the world of Warcraft can accomplish their Thunderfury sword, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker, by spending many weeks or months or maybe years running Molton Core or purchasing a duplicate during the yearly World of Warcraft anniversary.

He-Man Power Sword

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The Master of the Universe toyline was released in 1982 and directed by Mattel.  Having two main characters He-Man and the villain Skeleton,/.frrd got popularity all over the globe. Both of them have half Power Sword with the mini-comic for their battlefield. Villain skeleton and He-Man both want the remaining half Power Sword to get the all magical power of the sword. In the following cartoon season, He-Man had both halves of the Power Sword. Adam prince Kinda has the power sword and says that I have the complete sword by the power of Grayskull. Then kinda transformed into He-Man. After this, the action films were released in 1987. Later we have no proof that the power sword is broken or separate in the following version of the series. But it is the redesign twice in the New Adventures of He-Man and He-Man and the Master of the Universe.

Luciendar Sword of Light

Sword of the Ancient has another series which is Luciendar the Sword of Light,  manufactured by the artist Kit Rae. The pommel of the sword has four releases. The user of the sword of Light becomes the ability to see the shadow or unseen things with the feature of a silver plate hilt with the crystal pommel. The focal point of the sword has two handguards. Both of them are similar but different in size. These handguards pointed towards the point of the sword. Both of them are beveled and fixed with the powerful runes.

Fantasy Odin Sword

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There are various Asgardian weapons kept by the Odin. The Sword of Asgard is another version of Odin. It is the giant size sword that has the fantasy power like, if ever opened, it stated that, “it is the end of the world is at hand”. The source of this weapon is it is manufactured by the Nibelung ring of gold that was the end of the Asgard. Across the years, a lot of opponents of Asgard tried to bring the Odin Sword to destroy the Asgard. When Odin absorbed all of the souls of Asgard, then he used his sword as a weapon to destroyer the armor. During the Serpent’s War, Odin revealed another sword, and he stated that it is the only sword that can defeat the Cul since no other weapon could.

The Sword of Athena

Wonder Woman has lots of cool toys, the sword of Athena is the magical power sword. Her Lasso of truth can tie up the attackers but force them to tell the truth. The sword of Athena was replacing the God Killer sword after destroying the Ares. This sword was probably manufactured and utilized by the Goddess of Wisdom, Crafts, and Athena. Wonder Woman used the sword against the Doomsday, managing to slice off the monster’s right arm with it. In the comics, the ability of the sword was to split atoms into the elements and even set off the nuclear explosion.

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