All You Need to Know About Black Widow’s New White Costume?

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Marvel Universe has given the world few of the best superheroes including Thor, Hulk, Ironman, Black Widow, Captain Marvel, Captain America and a lot more. The roles of these superheroes is what makes the Marvel Universe so unique and amazing. We all know Natasha Romanoff otherwise known as Black Widow.  Unfortunately, if you have watched Avengers; End Game, you must have seen that Black Widow sacrifices her life to help her team get the soul stone and that is when the last of Black Widow was seen in the movie. We all miss her elegant yet robust character in the Marvel Universe. 

Luckily, the new Black Widow Movie is said to be releasing on 6th of November 2020, in the United States. The movie is based on the character of Marvel comics originally known as Natasha Romanoff. The character of Black Widow is played by the talented and gorgeous actress Scarlet Johansson. The first role of Black Widow was seen in Ironman 2 and then further took her place in the MCU. She also played many important role in Avengers, Avengers; Age of Ultron, Ironman 3, Avengers; Infinity War, Avengers; End Game and Civil War. 

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As much as we love the strength and tactics of the character, her beauty, style, grace is widely impacted by the amazing costume that she has been wearing in all these movies. We must have seen her signature, cool, black costume in all the movies she has starred in.The new Black Widow movie shows amazing attires of the character. She was loved a lot for her one particular costume. Scarlet Johansson’s white costume in the movie was highlighted by the audience. 

The newly released trailer of the movie shows Black Widow wearing this new white costume. This is something never seen before in the characters so this is one thing that contrasts her actual signature costume. The white color is really a new look on her and it has been significantly appreciated by the audience as well as the critics. 

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As far as it can be assumed, the movie Black Widow mostly takes place in the snow so the white color of the costume really suits and blends with the surrounding. As per the actual marvel comics, the origin of the solo series of Black Widow was done in 2010 known as Black Widow; Deadly Origin. This was a comic story that shows that the Black Widow was haunted by skeletons in the movie. The movie shows a conspiracy showed that leads the Black Widow to kill everyone she ever cared about, this includes Hawkeye, Daredevil, Hercules and many more such characters of the Marvel Comics. 

The comics revealed that the adventures Black Widow had in Russia was what made her end up with the white costume. During the series, Black Widow fought with a group called Icepick Protocols and was their battle forced to take her to outer space from Russia. The white colored suit was important for Deadly Origin since the series showed her adventures in the white land aka the land where it was all snowy. On the other hand, the white costume was not much considered by the audience since her adventures in the snow was pretty far and between. 

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In the movie, the costume appears for only a small time when Natasha Romanoff drops herself from a helicopter and lands on the walkway in her iconic pose that has been all over the internet as cover photos. This costume as well as the same fitting as all her costumes and is designed especially for her and her combats. This costume is unique and different than the rest of the costumes. Whilst Black is the iconic signature color of the character, it is safe to say that Black Widow pulled off the white costume with class and elegance. 

You can also witness Black Widow wearing a white costume in the Winter Soldier. You can now clearly see the connection, since the Winter Soldier also took place in the snow that is white. This particular costume blends in with the surrounding of the character’s placement. As the movie’s part takes place in the broad daylight in the snow, the black color would obviously stand out and not look as elegant and serene as this white costume. Although, we cannot say that the Black Widow white Costume comes from the comic series Black Widow; Deadly Origin. The audience is curious to see Scarlet Johansson’s performance in this beautiful, stunning white dress. The movie has received positive remarks from the critics now and has been once delayed due to the global pandemic of the outbreak of the deadly virus known as Covid-19. We are still excited to watch the movie that releases by the end of this year.

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