Is Rachel Maddow married to Susan Mikula

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Some Flashback

  • 46-year-old Rachel Maddow is the first gay woman to host a top-notch news program with the Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC.
  • Despite years of professional success, she still suffers from the depression that she has been exposed to since childhood.

Rachel Maddow, the most famous television presenter on the Rachel Maddow Show, has been in a relationship with Susan Mikula for twenty years but has not yet entered the hallway. The couple met in 1999 when an artist and photographer hired MikulaMaddow to dig stumps from Rachel Maddow’s salary in the front yard. The tv was a very desperate housewife with the main label but also love at first sight. Since then, the couple has lived together in Northampton, Massachusetts. As Mikula explains, they both have a TV illness.

I feel urgent to get married

Although gay marriage has been legal in this state since 2004, the couple has not yet married, and Maddow has always stated that he and Mikula have no urgency to tie the knot. The television host even said she was undecided about the cultural impact of gay marriages.

I have a feeling that gay people have not been able to marry for generations, which means that we have found alternative ways to recognize relationships forever, and when everyone reaches the same institutions, I worry that we will subculture creativity have to lose alone. Rachel Maddow’s SalaryAnd I love the gay culture, Maddow admitted.


In an interview with People in 2010, the couple discovered some interesting aspects of their Massachusetts home, which is about three hours north of New York. The most shocking thing is that there is no television inside. As Mikula explains, they both have a TV disease, says Rachel, she can’t always have one because she’s watching! Instead of watching TV series together most of the time, they like each other’s company and Mikula’s homemade food. Maddow’s partner was born in New Jersey but moved to New Hampshire when his family was young, Rachel Maddow’s Salary. He was enthusiastic about photography at a young age. He opened his first solo exhibition in 1998 and his career has continued to grow since then.

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Mikula is inspired by various painters such as Julian Schnabel, Cy Twombly, Agnes Martin, Joan Mitchell, and Gerhard Richter. Today, his work is recognized in many major cities like Miami, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco

Crying on LIVE television

In June 2018, Maddow was unable to keep tears and tears alive when he reported the latest news about baby migrants detained in shelters at a tender age. Sorry, I’m sorry about Rachel Maddow’s Salary. If nothing else, it’s my job to be able to speak while I’m on TV.

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