Want A Safe Avenue To Invest? Open A Fixed Deposit Online

michael longmire lhltMGdohc8 unsplash
michael longmire lhltMGdohc8 unsplash

In today’s unexpected world, where there is a surfeit of stable jobs except government jobs, a fixed deposit is more than obligatory personal investment. To help people save for the future, all the leading banks in India provide fixed deposit schemes. Online fixed deposit offers you to open your account easily through internet banking. There is no need to visit the bank physically. To open an FD online, you just need an active internet banking account, and if you don’t have one, you can create one.

Advantages of online fixed deposit 

There are ample benefits of opening a fixed deposit online. Below are a few of them – 

Convenience: The online benefit factor cannot be disregarded as it gives you the convenience to open a deposit account while being at home or from anywhere in the world at any time. It is very convenient for a senior citizen who is not able to go to the bank/NBFC or for the disabled person for whom visiting the bank/NBFC is not easy. By downloading the particular bank’s app on the phone, one can easily open FDs through mobile banking.

Speed: Fix Deposit can be opened online in just a few seconds. There is no need to waste time traveling to the bank’s branch/NBFC and standing in a long queue for your turn. You just need to log in to the internet banking account, enter relevant details, and open the fixed deposit account.

Hassle-free: One of the major advantages of an online fixed deposit is there is no need for doing paperwork as the bank already has all the KYC details with them and verified through the internet banking account.

Easy payment option: The amount is directly debited from the customer’s savings account, which makes it an easy payment option. And this abolishes the need to visit the bank/NBFC.

Can renew online: The fascinating part of online FDs is it can be renewed online just in a click of a button. This is one of the major benefits because it minimizes the requirement of filling up multiple forms and requests for the renewal deposit.

Easy deposit: A major benefit is premature withdrawal is made just by clicking a button, and within minutes, the money will be credited to your savings account. This is unlike the offline process of closing the deposit, where a customer needs to make an appeal to the bank’s manager/NBFC manager for closing the deposit account.

Steps to open the fixed deposit PNB online account 

Below are the steps to open 

● Go to PNB Housing Finance Ltd.

● Once you log in, in the ‘manage account’ section, click on Open Fixed Deposit Account

● Select the customer type and select the FD type

● Choose partial withdrawal option from yes or no

● Select the maturity renews options and put the amount and duration

● Select the account to be debited

● Input the transaction password and click on submit

By following these steps, you can open your online FD account in PNB and get 7.60% return on your investment. 


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