Tips To Ease The Strain Caused By The Heat

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As we all are aware that the heat waves are not only unpleasant but can have severe effects on an individual’s health. The effects can be even more severe for individuals suffering from heart conditions. Heat is very dangerous for cardiovascular disease patients, so those individuals need to take extra precautions.

The heart is the most impacted organ when the human body releases extra heat. The chemical processes stop function properly and put more stress on the heart of an individual, at the time of high temperature. 

Basically what happens is that the heat moves from warmer to cooler areas, just like the water flow. If the air around the individual is on the cooler side than his/her body temperature, then heat is transferred to the air. But this will not be possible if the body temperature is warm at the air around is warmer. Then the negative radiation takes place.

Radiations make the heart work more than it usually does, it makes the heart pump more blood for regular circulation and that the blood can flow to the skin. So on a hot sunny day, the blood circulation process is doubled and for this, the heart pumps faster than usual.

Radiation is not the only factor, the process of evaporation which makes the human body sweat is also doubled with heat. In summers the evaporation  process is more because the humidity increases which makes you sweat more and stresses the heart

The essential minerals and vitamins are used to produce sweat in the body which is also caused by evaporation. All these impacts the cardiovascular system of an individual’s body. So for a normal person, these might not be a severe problem. 

However, for a heart patient, this put a allot of pressure on their bodies which can be solved by being in a cooler atmosphere or installing cooler and air conditioners like air conditioning Sydney which are very effective and affordable will be very helpful.

Dealing with the problem

The above-explained problems are not considered as problems for many people, that are fit and healthy. These problems have severe effects on people suffering from heart problems or elderly people. The bodies of such people get weaker than before which makes it harder for them to cope with the heat. The following are the reasons for having a weak heart and the way it affects the body:-

Damage on a person’s health due to heart attack or a stroke can make the heart work slower than before which causes it to work twice the time it used to and stressing it.

The diseases like diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and other such medical condition make the limit the pumping blood process, which stress the heart even more due to the heat as the body cannot deal with the extra heat without circulating blood to the skin.

There are several medications that cause dehydration in the body which again makes it very difficult for the body to cope with the heat in summers.

 The hot and humid weather becomes extra harsh for the heart patients as the body is unable to deal with it. Stress hormones are released and there is a loss of vital minerals that are the potassium and sodium. All these factors impact the body and make the individual experience dizziness, nausea, and fatigue.

Beat It

All the individuals especially the ones suffering from heart conditions should use the following tips to beat the issues of heat:-

Stay Fit- The first and foremost tip for every individual to cope with any sort of problem is to stay fit and healthy. Individuals need to include exercise or any type of physical activity in their daily routines. This makes the heart muscles stronger and the person healthier

Just Chillas mentioned before the people suffering from heart conditions should not be in a place where it’s hot and humid. Such individuals shall take appropriate measures to be at a cool temperature even in the hot sunny weather. 

They should make suitable arrangements for staying cool at the workplace and at home. Installing fans, coolers, or air conditioners like ducted air conditioning Sydney which is literally one of the best to beat the heat. So the individuals need to take all the measures to stay cool and not stress the heart.

Eat and drink healthy– Diet of a person accounts allot for all the health problems he/she faces. The main problem to avoid hot and humid weather is dehydration. 

The people suffering from heart diseases should drink plenty of water this applies to all individuals and also eat light this will help them cope with the heat and put less pressure on their heart. 

Eating spicy food or the food makes your body internally warm should be avoided, as these will produce extra heat and stress the heart.

So the following tips can be applied to minimize the dangerous effects of heat and humidity on an individual’s body


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