Everything You Need to Know About Noise Cancellation Earbuds

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We have probably all been in a situation where the noise around us is unbearable and we wish to cut it out. Advertisements for true wireless earbuds in India would make you believe they are the best solution in such a situation. You however may wonder if they are as great as they are advertised.

When you consider the investment you would have to make to own true wireless earbuds in India, you want to be sure they will indeed drown the sound of that baby crying in the train or help you concentrate in a crowded office with people talking about stuff you do not wish to hear. With the right information, you can decide whether they are really for you.

How Does Noise Cancellation Work?

There are two ways that noise can be canceled by earbuds:

  • Passive Cancellation
  • Active Cancellation

Passive Cancellation 

This is what almost any earphone can do. Most earphones and earbuds are fitted with material that can absorb external sound to a particular degree. You might have noticed that external sounds will seem louder when you take off your headphones. This is achieved by using material like foam and rubber that can reduce the amount of sound interference from external sources. 

Passive cancellation is minimal and you may even achieve much more by plugging cotton wool into your ears.

Active Cancellation 

Active noise cancellation earbuds are designed with the same structure as the passive ones so they can reduce the sound from external sources. This structure absorbs high-frequency waves. That however is not all the technology it possesses, they can also block low-frequency sound waves.

The active noise cancellation technology used is similar to the strategy of fighting fire with fire. If you are not familiar with this strategy, here is the explanation:

When fighting bush fires, usually firefighters will light another fire on the opposing side of the main fire that will burn towards the fire, in the end, both fires will burn up all the oxygen and dry grass in between and end up dying off.

Now with sound, the noise cancellation earbuds produce sound waves equal to the external frequency and these opposing waves will cancel each other out. This is an occurrence called destructive interference.

Components Needed to Create Active Noise Cancellation 

Microphone: Surprised? Well, the earphones need a microphone that will monitor and pickup external sound that is of a particular frequency that cannot be blocked using passive structures.

Sound Sensor: The microphone transmits the sound it picks up to a sensor that is part of a circuit. This circuit will analyze the external sound and then create its own sound that is a fingerprint of the incoming sound. The wave produced is 180 degrees out of phase with the incoming waves.

Speaker: The speaker receives the sound waves from the circuit and emits the same sound to cancel out the external sound. Because of the difference in wavelength with the intended sound from the earbuds, that sound is not affected.

Power Source: The entire active cancellation process needs to be powered. Usually, this is done using a rechargeable battery. So active noise cancellation earphones need to be battery operated to provide efficient noise cancellation. 

How Effective are Noise Cancellation Earbuds?

Many people who have used these earphones note that it does not cut out external sounds completely. This is indeed true because the effectiveness of these earpieces is up to 70 percent.

If you consider the level of reduction they achieve, it is quite significant. It will turn a heavy engine hum into a gentle hum, or the snoring of a person next to you into a distant sound.

All things considered, there is a noticeable reduction of external sound to a level that can help someone relax in a crowded bus with a crying baby.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

There are a few complaints from audiophiles about a loss in sound quality brought about by the sound cancellation and some design features. But usually, they do not feel like it is a big issue worth dismissing the effectiveness of these devices.

Some people may use them at the wrong time, for example, while walking in a busy street where you need to be able to hear someone screaming for you to get out of the way.

Are Noise Cancellation Earbuds Worth the Investment?

When it’s all explained, the question remains, should you invest in a pair? Well, if you appreciate peace, you will find that they are a priceless investment. Many people who have bought true wireless earbuds say they cannot go back to ordinary headphones that do not have noise cancellation. The best advice would be to try them out and see how much you like them. 


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