Budget friendly marketing ideas for small business

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Marketing your business and its product is critical for any business to increase sales and earn revenue. When it comes to marketing a product in a big enterprise, it is not that hard for them to set aside millions to launch a wide-spread marketing campaign. It is even easier for them to hire a marketing agency which can launch a campaign on their behalf as they don’t have to create a whole team for the same.

But for a startup or a small business, launching a million-dollar marketing campaign or hiring a third party agency is not reasonable. They don’t have a separate department for advertising and marketing. But what they do have is the resilience and the willingness to invest time and the little money they can into marketing their business in the best manner possible.

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For small businesses, this can be a huge issue with a simple solution. There are a few ideas that will help market your business on a budget.

1.      Become a part of your community

Marketing is not always about doing a nation-wide campaign for your business. You can even launch a localized and small campaign for your business. Look at your community and see what is happening, what events the locals are excited about or what causes they are supporting.

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Once you find something related to your industry and something that you can afford too, like sponsoring a 5K run or a kid’s competition, do it. A localized campaign can have a positive effect on your sales and revenue.

2.      Digitize your marketing campaign

Starting an online campaign online is inexpensive. You can run ads on YouTube, blogs, or other social media platforms. They aren’t that expensive and cover more audience. Moreover, you can develop a website for your business and have a blog on it too so that you get better ranking and traffic. This way, people know more about your product, brand, and services.

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Lastly, one of the best mediums to market your business online is through social media. It is a free medium where anyone can make a profile. As a business, you need to create a business profile to ensure you get to use the tools that can help a business increase the chance of conversion and more. The best tip for social media is to use Canva to edit and create appealing visuals as social media platforms are visual in nature.

3.      Create video content

Videos are valuable content that is an effective form of marketing. Video content is popular as they are easy to remember and understand as well. YouTube, Instagram short videos, IGTV, or so on are some platforms where you can share videos related to your business for your audience.

You can create instructional videos telling people how to use a particular feature or a product. Or you can create fun behind-the-scenes videos of how you pack or create a product, and so on. There are endless options. You can shoot the video yourself or hire a freelancer who is within the budget. The trick part is editing which may require you to learn amazing skills or hire a person with some.

4.      Network

Networking is the key to building a strong and meaningful business relationship and get exciting opportunities for your brand. There are quite many ways to network. For instance, you can join community groups online and on LinkedIn. You can participate in or visit events or business meetings and seminars.

Also, make sure to join a face-to-face networking group where you can brainstorm ideas with leaders of various industries. Also, join industry-related forums and groups to get better opportunities to increase your business.

5.      Be a speaker

Charity organizations, libraries, conferences, and so on are some places where they always welcome a speaker. If you are knowledgeable and an expert in some things, share them through your speech. It will not only inspire young minds, but it will help you make contacts and be a public figure bringing recognition to yourself and your business.

6.      Guest blogging

Another way to market your product is by writing guest posts for other publications and blogs. It will aid you in getting organic backlinks and traffic for your website, which, in turn, will lead to better sales.

There are many ideas to launch an inexpensive marketing campaign. All you need is innovation and literally everything you see can be used as a marketing opportunity.

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