5 Mistakes Every SEO Professional Must Avoid


Are you an SEO Professional wondering what is not going right? Why is your search ranking not improving despite your SEO strategies? No worries, you might be making some common SEO mistakes. 

Getting on the top rankings of the search engines is not an easy job. Moreover, working with a bad SEO service or digital marketing company not only wastes time and money, but it can also ban your website from search results. 

Therefore, to succeed as an SEO professional, you need to debug the following five SEO mistakes. 

Let’s dive in. 

Publishing non-original content

It is surprising how publishing non-original content is still one of the most common mistakes. Your customers expect high quality, original content from your website and copying is not an option. Search engines treat plagiarised content not only as spam but also penalise you for it. 

Most of the SEO professionals get caught in this unknowingly by using unreliable plagiarism checkers. There are hundreds of free plagiarism tools and checkers available online, which will not give you accurate results. Therefore, it is better to choose a duplicate content checker that is highly reliable and trustworthy. 

Choosing keywords without research

Most websites often make the mistake of optimising the wrong keywords.

Keywords are the words that tell Google about the content on your website. When someone types a phrase, the search engine will scroll the relevant web pages based on those selected keywords. So, choosing keywords without proper research will harm your rankings. 

Avoid using the generic keywords, and think from the perspective of your potential customer. You can also use tools like Google AdWords keyword planner, Google Trends, SEMrush and Moz Keyword Explorer that can help you get the trending and adequate keywords based on your research. 

Building low-quality links

The biggest misconception in SEO services is that only the quantity of external links matters, and not the quality. But, it’s essential to link to high quality, top-ranking websites that are relevant to your content. Focusing on highly-respected sites not only improves your website in the eyes of the SERPs, but your visitors will be thankful for it. So, avoid linking or accepting links from non-credible sources. 

Ignoring mobile-friendly experience

SEO is not only about the keywords and links. It is also about the quality of your website, especially its performance on mobile devices. Most internet users (91%) use mobile devices, and that is why your website should be mobile-friendly. Search engines can easily recognise and lower your rankings if your website does not offer a smooth mobile experience.

It is not difficult to check the mobile-friendliness of your website; use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. Search engines also analyse your load speed, so fix the speed issues and improve your SERP.

Not utilising title tags and meta description properly 

The two of the essential elements of SEO are title tags and meta description. Not optimising these factors will be a big mistake being an SEO expert. When scrollers crawl your website, these elements will improve your rankings and performance of the content. It would be helpful if you focus on the following: 

  • Title tags – Title of your page that appears at the top of the browser
  • Meta description – Short description of the page’s content


These were the 5 Mistakes every SEO Services Professional should avoid for better performance of your content. Duplicate content checker should be the first step to improve your rankings, followed by Keyword research, high-quality links, and tags. Make sure to optimise your website for mobile and select a website design that’s mobile responsive. It’s better to get familiar with the mistakes rather than focusing on new strategies in your SEO journey.


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