Modern and innovative Handleless kitchens

marcin galusz Xq0lte4P7rQ unsplash
marcin galusz Xq0lte4P7rQ unsplash

If you look at handle-less kitchens, you will probably first come up with terms such as “puristic”, “modern” or “straightforward”. In fact, the handleless design emphasizes the minimalist character that more and more fitted kitchens have. No wonder that handle-less kitchens are becoming increasingly popular. Although the exclusive look and uncomplicated maintenance speak in favor of planning a kitchen without handles, there are also various disadvantages to consider. Which is better; handles or handleless? We help you make the decision.

The handle-less design has a major influence on the kitchen planning of the fitted kitchen

Handles often play a subordinate role in traditional kitchen planning, for example when choosing door handles. As a rule, you first select the desired fronts, look for a suitable worktop, and only then are the handles and knobs your turn. It looks a little different in a handle-less kitchen. Various opening and operating systems are necessary so that the cabinet doors and drawers can be opened without handles. The earlier these are included through kitchen remodel walnut creek, the more appealing the later result will be.

Just like a built-in kitchen with handles, you can choose from a variety of different fronts with the handle-less design. In the latter variant, however, the fronts become the focus of attention. Therefore, take enough time to choose colors and materials. Let the different fronts work their magic on you before you finally commit yourself.

In addition, some opening systems require more space, so that the kitchen cupboards sometimes have to be planned higher and wider. If the room is already very small, a fitted kitchen with handles is often the better option. You may also get bathroom remodel walnut creek.

Push-to-open, serv-on technology or handle strips – there are these options

Handle strips or recessed grips: This variant is strongly reminiscent of ordinary handles because something is still gripped by hand to open the doors and drawers. However, the recesses or strips are milled into the body of the door, so that there is a uniform look. You have the choice between three different attachment options:

Flush mounting: The handlebar or recess is mounted either on the top edge of the base cabinet fronts or on the bottom edge of the top cabinet fronts and protrudes slightly so that you can easily reach under it.

Grip: A part of the body is milled out of the grip so that the grip can then be attached.

Patch grip: This variant is less expensive because no milling is necessary. However, the patch grip affects the minimalist design of a handle-less kitchen

Mechanical technologies: If you want to do without a handle entirely, mechanical technologies are the more elegant solution. These are also known as push-to-open or tip-on systems, which explains their functionality very well: To open the cupboards, you first have to tap the door lightly to activate a spring mechanism that causes the door to open.

Electronic technology: The doors and pull-outs can be opened even more easily with a so-called serv-on system. Here, electronic sensors register slight touches on the front, so that a motor then opens the cabinet doors and the drawers automatically extend. This system is particularly practical, especially because you often have no hands free when cooking and baking, but the servo-on technology is also relatively expensive.


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