Update the top 2020 marketing trends for marketers

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The end of the year will be a time for marketers to look back and evaluate the results achieved in the past year. This is also the time when marketers need to pay special attention to new marketing trends in the coming 2020. Update Ads 2020 with the marketing trend below!

Customer experience is the core

2020 is predicted to be a continuation year for customers, because customers and decisions are in the hands of customers. Because of the development of the media and search engines, customers can find out for themselves, review the price and a lot of information related to the product they are buying.

Because of this, the trend of marketing is increasingly directed towards benefits and refreshing customer experience. At that time, the business will focus on providing a great customer experience at all points of the customer’s journey instead of just touting the features of the product.

Improve service quality

Good and friendly service quality will form the basis of a great customer experience. Many studies show that up to 46% of consumers will abandon a brand if employees do not have the product knowledge and bad attitude in the purchasing process.

No matter how many campaigns you engage with your customers, the person you end up with is the employee, not you. So employees are the face of the business. So businesses need to improve customer care qualifications for employees to achieving customer satisfaction with the business.

Focused on the image

Images are always easier to remember and more impressive to the person exposed than the text. Many studies have shown that people prefer to read content with images rather than a plain text. So you can infuse data images, videos or infographics into your text, which not only make the content more interesting and interesting, but also help the most easily convey your message. .

Personalize customer experience

The strong development of social networks has made the media such as TVC, newspapers or outdoor billboards … increasingly lost its effectiveness. This makes it troublesome for marketers to come up with the best marketing methodologies.

Existing users can actively select the information they want to access and eliminate unnecessary information. Therefore, personalization of messages will be considered an effective and potential marketing trend of 2020.

Conversion marketing strategy

The transformation of marketing strategy is to change the basic processes of the business with new business strategies, which means companies need to improve experience, customer service, and improve reputation. , brand identity…

Businesses need to combine data collection, use modern technologies, build customer relationships and engage with online customers, publish quality content and improve the online experience.

Featured snippets

With the rise of mobile search, people are changing the way they use search engines like Google. Becoming the number 1 in the first search engine results should be the top goal that businesses aim for. The featured snippets with information will help you not need to click on the web to get the information you are looking for but it immediately shows up the search results.

Search by voice

Search by voice is growing and there are no signs of stopping, this is a trend that businesses should focus on content creation and online marketing.

Even if your business is not ready for voice search integration, it is important that your content is optimized for voice search to compete for the # 1 position on search results. search by Google.


 Nowadays, brand believe is more vital than ever for businesses. Clients, controllers and the media anticipate brands to be open, genuine and steady over all angles of their trade from items and advancements to worker culture and associations. And in an era of big data connectivity and analytics, companies struggle with another level of complexity: Building a structure that builds trust in a systematic way by protecting data customers from external network threats and unethical internal data misuse.

The digital age makes trust a complex issue, rife with existing threats to businesses. Organizations can spend millions of dollars to protect their information, but an individual with a deceptive mindset can undermine all efforts. For this trend, we’ll center on two ranges of believe that most marketers regularly connected with: client information and AI.

Through understanding the customer experience, marketers are expected to act as trusted customer information managers. This refers to the access and use of customer data in a way that maintains education and builds trust with customers. Similarly, as marketing functions continue to drive AI to enhance the customer experience, marketers should ensure they are doing this in a way that does not threaten the trust of the entire organization.

Companies that do not care about the beliefs and importance of customer data may face existing threats: Reduce brand value and reduce customer loyalty.

AI – Automation

AI technology is growing prominently, they are helping people solve difficult marketing tasks so brands can focus more on strategy and create great customer experiences.

Live video

Internet users are tending to favor video content more than ever. On average, people spend a lot of time watching live video. This is also an opportunity for businesses to catch up with the 2020 marketing trend in promoting their brands.

Catch the 2020 marketing trend to help businesses have the best and most perfect marketing strategy!


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