What is the difference between a magnetic spinning bike and an ordinary spinning bike?

What is the difference
What is the difference

There are lots of spinning bikes and the market is brimming with the plethora of brands producing them with no time. But well you must know that there are a whole lot of ordinary spinning bikes and another new lot of magnetic spinning bikes that are being produced out there. So while wanting to have one spin bike you must know the basic difference between a magnetic spinning bike and an ordinary spinning bike. Here is a brief distinguishment between a magnetic spinning bike and an ordinary bike. Read on and grab better insights about the two. 

Spinning Bike 

The ordinary spinning bikes have brake pad resistance, there will be friction noise when the resistance increases. They maintain a silent effect no matter how big the resistance is, it is non-contact resistance. These are referred to as a stationary bike, sometimes an exercise cycle or exercise bike. This is also the most widely used indoor exercise bike. These are considered as the prototypes of outdoor bikes, as they are very similar in many ways but the only difference they have with the outdoor bikes is that the latter is used for transportation while the spinning bikes are crafted for the purpose of keeping people fit. Whenever you pedal it the flywheel is activated, the spinning, therefore, gives you a similar experience to such an outdoor bike.

Magnetic Bike

It is far too easy to customize your exercise intensity by using the different levels of pedal tension available with magnetic bikes. There are two types of pedal tensions: Magnetic and belt resistance. Between the two the magnetic one is far more reaching in comparison to the belt resistance making the bikes more versatile and durable.

Due to the two magnets that are on the two sides of the flywheel, its system works great. In order to create tension and regulate it, the magnets move closer or somewhat away from the flywheel. If you reduce the resistance it becomes easier to pedal through as the magnets installed in it move away from the flywheel. You can make adjustments to the resistance both digitally and manually.

Difference between Magnetic Spinning bike & Ordinary Spinning Bike

Bike typeMagnetic bikeSpin bike
CostDue to high production cost, tends to be expensiveBetter for those on a budget
Resistance systemThis uses the magnetsBelt mechanism is used in here
Noise levelsIt is noiseless, and the lack of contact between the magnets and the flywheel is visible.This can make noise sometimes (though at low levels), especially when its parts are all worn out. The only exception is when you grease the system.


When it comes to magnetic resistance bikes, the production cost is generally very high due to which they are expensive. Although one can’t ignore the benefits of the magnetic bike, the investments will be worthy for the long term. And due to the magnet, they are often easier and comfortable to handle.

While on the other hand, ordinary spin bikes are affordable because they use friction restrictive mechanisms and hence they are more in demand and much friendlier to the wallet. 


The magnetic bikes usually have no noise because the magnets never touch each other. But the spin bikes are highly efficient at what they do and they sometimes make noise. However, if they have any worn-out parts or mechanical abuse (which happens with time), it will create dissonance then ultimately you need to be careful when you are maintaining them.


When it comes to maintenance the magnetic bikes do not have extra keep up costs because they do not have any such dust issues. The only thing you need to do is tighten the screws after some years of use. But in spin bikes this is not the same, the brake pad demands replacement every 6 or 12 months, they require maintenance even sometimes oil for better functioning.


All things said, both the bikes are exceptional in their own ways, and your choice will solely depend on your budget, requirement, and noise levels you want. If you are looking for a great spin bike in budget then go for the ordinary one, but you wish to use the bikes with ease for long-term then go for the magnetic bike. 


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