Essential Tips for Cake Businesses to Strive in the Pandemic

cake packaging boxes
cake packaging boxes

No one has even thought that the year 2020 would turn out like this. For those entrepreneurs who have been making great revenue from selling baked goods, it is obvious if they are concerned about how the current global pandemic could impact their income. Some impacts such as event cancellations, ingredients deficiency, economic downturn, and more, have been threatening the cake industry so far. Yet, there are some tips for those cake businesses to strive in this pandemic, one of the trendiest ones is by placing your cake in beautiful custom kraft cake boxes. Below are more essential tips that might suitable for you to adopt.

Check Out and Prepare Your Stock Level

This is the right time to put focus into all your cake orders for a minimum of 4 weeks ahead and make sure that you have enough ingredients and supplies to deliver those orders. As the lockdown policy requires some markets to be shuttle down, then you need to check out and prepare your stock level. 

Modify Your Cakes’ Decoration

Even in this crisis, many people are still craving to have delightful cake and biscuits when they are sitting bored out, stuck at home. In fact, some birthday parties will still need to be celebrated with a small party of 2 or 6 people. 

Now ask yourself, “How can your cakes meet people’s needs for joy & celebration in such complicated times”?

Some ideas you could go for:

  • Modify the design of your cakes, for example, you could write “Stay-at-home birthday” 
  • Get the perfect kraft cake boxes to wrap your cakes appealingly as this will give more excitement to people when they open the boxes

Give More Focus on Your Business Operations

Things like upgrading your official website, taking new pictures for your portfolio, designing the branded kraft cake packaging boxes for your delightful cakes, creating a Newsletter, these are some ‘marketing’ tasks that you might ignore in the past days. Well, the fact is, these tasks are IMPERATIVE to help you out generate the sales growth for your business. 

Hence, with more time to stay-at-home, you would get time to give more focus on your business operations. 

Clarify the Terms & Conditions of Your Business

No business could run away from the worst scenarios in the form of reduced inquiries, event cancellations, or delays. Thus, you need to clarify your business’ terms & conditions in regards to coronavirus-related event modifications. The chances are, some orders that have been signed might not have specific necessities for coronavirus subjects.

For instance, how are you going to handle cancellations? Will you offer any refund and how much would you arrange to release?

To tackle these scenarios, there are some ideas you could try:

  • Suggesting your customers make delays instead of order cancellations 
  • Providing store credit for amounts paid to enable your customers to reorder again later
  • Applying non-refunds on deposits paid policy if the customers would cancel the orders at the last minute

Believe That You Are Not Alone

Believe that this pandemic is not only forcing your cake business to struggle. Instead, your competitors are likely struggling too. The global economic impact affects every single industry in some shape or form. Sadly, only creative and adaptive businesses will survive.

If you could financially manage to pay for closing your business for a few weeks then that will be totally fine. On the other hand, if you really need to make a fit income whereas your family relies on this, then you need to be creative and get your business to strive.

Final Thought

This pandemic has given a great lesson for each business to keep up maintaining the business operations. Believe it or not, modifying your cake boxes into the attractive custom kraft cake boxes is only one of the various ways for your business to survive in this crisis. Yes, never give up on this situation! Instead, consider it as a challenging obstacle to growing your cake business more.  


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