The Ultimate Guide to Understanding NetSuite Professionals

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If you have recently implemented NetSuite or are now getting to the point where you realize you could use additional support to make the ERP work more effectively for your business, it can be useful to understand the different types of NetSuite professionals in order to identify the right person to either hire permanently or on a contract basis. 

What is a NetSuite Developer and Consultant?

A NetSuite developer and NetSuite consultant is specialized professional that works inside of the Oracle NetSuite ERP software solution. They will have experience with multiple companies optimizing and automating business processes. 

NetSuite Developer

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When working in your NetSuite environment, you’ll want to take a look at customization since it can allow the software to form around your business rather than the other way around. NetSuite developers write SuiteScript to help automate processes that workflows can’t accomplish. Functional NetSuite consultants can help build out other configuration pieces or workflows for you so that you only need to worry about your role entering specific data. 

Let’s dive into what makes a good NetSuite developer…

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There are quite a few factors to review prior in order to set the foundation. Skills specific to NetSuite need to be identified and there are some softer skillsets that support the NetSuite specific developer skillsets. Both developers and consultants interact frequently together and have a good understanding of what the other does. 

Here are some skills of a good NetSuite developer

  1. Know SuiteScript in and out (Suite Script developer) 
    1. User event Scripts
    2. Scheduled Scripts
    3. Client Script
    4. Suitelet
    5. Map-Reduced Script
  2. Should know JavaScript well
  3. Ability to make NetSuite integrations via SOAP or Restlet.
  4. Make custom Advanced PDF and Email Templates using Freemarker, HTML, and CSS
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A big bonus to a NetSuite developer is if they are also a SuiteCommerce Advanced developer. This skillset is typically a niche skill that some know more of SCA rather than NetSuite. However, SCA developers still need to know NetSuite development. The different is advanced knowledge in HTML, CSS, SCA architecture of single page applications (SPA), web development, search engine optimization (SEO), and JavaScript.   

NetSuite Consultant

A NetSuite consultant is classified as someone who knows more about business processes and how to configure all the NetSuite modules to make it work properly. The NetSuite consultant typically stays focused on helping clients identify ways to solve their pain points using native NetSuite processes. They might also work directly with a NetSuite developer to implement custom solutions that can’t be done using the user interface.  These consultants are often called functional consultants. If they also know some scripting as well, they might be called a NetSuite techno functional consultant. Techno Functional Consultant that have a good understanding of solution designing and business process often become a NetSuite architect. These solution architects understand the ins and outs of NetSuite to be able to take any business problem and build a unique solution that solves it. 

A functional consultant should know these skills at a minimum

  1. Workflows
  2. A good portion of NetSuite modules
    1. CRM
    2. Advanced Financials
    3. WMS
    4. OneWorld
  3. Know how to configure all standard native features including building custom fields
  4. Be able to quickly identify business issues and propose potential solutions
  5. Have a solid awareness of 3rd party software that integrates into NetSuite

SuiteCommerce and SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA):

NetSuite has its own ecommerce platform called SuiteCommerce Advanced. SuiteCommerce developers to help implement the solution and make it easier to have a custom website that works perfectly for your business. You’ll want to check out commerce agency partners that have been authorized by NetSuite or you will lose a lot of money with mistakes. You can also see how it compares to Shopify Plus or other common ecommerce platforms such as Magento. As you begin the purchasing process, the first step will be to choose NetSuite SuiteCommerce theme. Then you can get the implementation started. There are many places to shop around for pre-built SuiteCommerce customizations or apps. But the two primary locations are SuiteMarkets or SuiteApp. SuiteMarkets is a 3rd party platform that hosts all types of solutions and SuiteApp is built by NetSuite and has quality control measures in place. Both options will help you optimize your ecommerce solution. Both options are very good places to find both NetSuite apps and SuiteCommerce apps. Getting a pre made NetSuite ERP customization or SuiteCommerce customization can be difficult to find, but SuiteMarkets will likely be the best place to find less common customizations. 

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