My Favorite Classes To Play In D&D

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thomas park 5D9T x9Bg Q unsplash

Dungeons and Dragons Beyond released a set of statistics for 5th edition characters, races, and classes Ranking them from the most played to the least played So, let’s take a look and let’s see if my, most played combo, human fighter, is on there. It’s the most played Seriously people? Look at you guys running around with your stupid little swords on your back and blue shirts Unlike you guys I was doing it before it was cool. 

I mean, it was, it was cool when I was doing it and then and then you guys started doing it and now it’s not anymore   I’m the only cool person here. What’s funny is that I played fighters a lot, and I’ve had several characters I play as other classes revert back to being that class I made a second level barbarian with one level fighter I literally only use the first level fighter abilities. I never raged. Anyway, following up human fighter you’ve got elf ranger, elf wizard, human wizard as the second, third, and fourth places for popularity Looking at the bottom of the list the least played classes are bard, sorcerer, and druid And the least played races are Goliath names, Aarakocra names, and Kobol names

This is funny to me We do have an Aasimar druid in our game now, so that must mean that this list is off And it should be updated because that’s how Statistics works I think As far as races, I noticed that a lot of the first games that I played had weird races and Elves a lot of elves come to think of it I believe it’s because elves in popular culture are just like humans, only good at everything They’re elegant, strong, wise, intelligent, graceful, beautiful, and have super heard, and are a crack shot with a bow They basically have all the upsides of being elderly and all the upsides of being young with none of the downsides Kind of like the blade equivalent of vampires, of course, they’re nothing like this in D&D. 

I mean statistically speaking… If they were you need to make the character with a mutants and mastermind superhero rulebook and not a Dungeons & dragons one. Actually the most recent games I’ve seen a lot of humans being played, like five humans and maybe one dwarf or elf. I think the reason is that humans get either plus ones to all stats or an extra feat, so… They start with a lot of versatility that the other races don’t get and that gives them a pretty decent advantage I used to play as a human called Professor Solomon in my old group who’s basically I tried to make him like Gandalf An old man, walking stick, white hair, white beard, could summon a portal to the nether realms Which would drag his enemies into the nightmarish hellscape,

 okay, that last one We didn’t see Gandalf do it in The Lord of the Rings, but we didn’t see him not do it either So I’m still technically correct What was interesting was I used to play him as the old man of the group who was taking care of the youngsters Until I realized that I was actually the youngest person in the group. It’s hard to be the oldest human in your 70s when elves and dwarves live hundreds of years Personally I divide the classes in the three tiers. 

Tier one, “I love this class!” Tier two is “this is a class I like a lot.” and Tier three, “which I’ll get around to playing it eventually…” Fighters, paladin’s, clerics, and wizards are tier one Bards, monks, druids, rangers, and barbarians are tier two, and rogues, sorcerers, and warlocks are tier three Note: I don’t dislike any of the classes But some I definitely prefer over the other ones Why are these three always overlooked? 

I think the rogue sneak attack is kind of boring and I prefer playing as a wizard over sorcerers and warlocks Particularly because the warlocks abilities are more cantrip focused and several invocations are used for deception, disguises, and social manipulation Well the sorcerer’s meta magic and sorcery points never really interested me But who knows I’ve never played one I get out of a change of heart. Races are weird for me I usually play a human I never liked being one of those guys who you’ve been playing with for years And you keep forgetting what race they are so if I want to be normal I just play a human, but if I want a different voice or something I play someone else. I usually only play a new race if that race matches the personality I’m interested in. 

Like, if I want to be dark and mysterious I play as a Tiefling, if I want to be gruff and coarse then I play as a Goliath and so on I played a halfling wizard once named Kevin who was upbeat and peppy and that was a lot of fun Then I played as a gruff Minotaur Sentinel He used to talk like “Micron thinks we should climb that mountain” “Micron got hurt real bad trying to climb that wall.” Which is a really good way to get the players to remember your name. I’m surprised they haven’t come out with a lot more official races and classes.


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