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Today people are very conscious about their health, that’s why they prefer things according to their taste which fits in their daily life. So, a healthy beverage is also a very good choice for those people who love fitness. 

As you know that tea is a traditional drink which provides many health benefits. But do you know that tea also helps with your fitness? There are many varieties of teas available across the world with their unique flavors and aromas such as black tea, green tea, white tea, flavored tea, oolong tea, blended tea, chai, etc. Let’s talk about white tea, green tea, and black tea. There are many between them based on their taste, flavors, harvest, etc. 

White Tea Vs Green tea Vs Black tea

White tea and green tea both come from the same plant called Camilla Sinensis. Their harvesting ways are different from each other. White tea is harvested at a very young age than green tea. Compared to green tea white tea is a rare tea which is harvested in early spring with handpicking. Due to its harvesting process, it needs more care than green tea. 

Green tea has more processed than white tea and less processed than black tea. On the other hand, the benefits of Jasmine tea coupled with its soothing taste is a cult favorite. White tea is steamed continuously and then dried. Whereas green tea is partially fermented like first it steamed, fried, and then rolled. Green tea has fewer antioxidants compared to white tea because green tea is more processed with a little bit fermented where it loses some of its antioxidants. However, black tea has fewer antioxidants compared to green tea and white tea.

White tea is richer in antioxidants in large amounts than green tea that is responsible for many health beneficiary properties such as maintaining a healthy heart, lowering cholesterol, aiding weight loss, preventing cancer, etc. While green tea has fewer antioxidants compared to white tea but it has more caffeine around 20g that helps in reducing weight and green tea is the right choice for those people who want to reduce their weight. Black tea contains more caffeine than green tea and white tea. 

White tea tastes are different from green tea. Its taste is more soothing, smoother, and sweeter. Unlike white tea, green tea tastes stronger plus bitter. People prefer green tea over white tea because it’s cheaper than white tea and black tea. But buying wholesale tea negates that cost issue completely!

Black tea is also made from the Camilla Sinensis plant. It has many varieties with unique flavors and aromas such as English breakfast tea, earl grey tea, chocolate tea, Indian chai, etc. Its leaves are harvested which are fully oxidized then dried in direct sunlight up to 18 hours. It includes higher concentration caffeine than green tea and white tea which helps in energizing your day. It has a full-bodied, oxidized, woody, and earthy note. It has many health benefits such as it helps in reducing inflammation, reducing heart risk, and boosts brain function. Many people prefer black tea over green tea and white tea because it provides relief from stress. Its color is light brown. All these teas have almost the same health benefits that help boost your immune system. Rather than coffee, you can also drink black tea because it contains a large amount of caffeine that helps you to energize your day.

There are several different ways to brew these teas. You can also add different flavors to your cup of tea like in green tea you can add lemon, in white tea you can add some sugar, milk, in black tea, you can add spice, sugar, milk. 

White tea is mostly harvested in China, northeast India, Taiwan, eastern Nepal, Thailand, Galle (Sri Lanka). Black tea is mostly harvested in China and east Asia. 

Green tea is mostly harvested in Japan and this Japanese matcha green tea is used in much different food as a flavoring agent such as in ice cream, soup, mouth wash. 

These teas have many differences that you can’t find without having the taste and texture. They all are different in their flavors and aromas. Therefore, they are popular in their areas. It’s the right choice for those people who love tea. Loose-leaf teas are high-quality teas than sachet teas because loose-leaf contains many antioxidants which you can’t get from that sachet packed tea. These all tea contains polyphenols which help in increasing the immune system by preventing many diseases and refreshing your body such as catechins (EGCG), theaflavins, which helps in burning the fats and repairing the cells. 


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