8 Leading Frameworks for iPhone App Development

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IOS apps are increasing in popularity every year. Did you know the US holds 100 million iPhone users? It’s hard for a business to ignore the iOS platform for their digital product. Fortunately, many businesses have already started to work with the right iPhone app development company USA to discuss their options and determine the right framework for developing their iPhone app.

Truth be told, determining the right framework for iOS development is paramount. In fact, the choice of framework helps you construct the best-in-class app. So what are the top frameworks to use for your iOS app? Here are top 10 options:

1. Ext JS

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EXT JS is highly flexible. It offers HMTL 5 and JavaScript to let the developer create a range of simple and complex apps. It also comes with a variety of widgets like forms, menus, toolbars, lists, etc. Sencha Test is one of its notable tools. It lets you test your app on different browsers and platforms.  EXT JS is widely used for development iOS, Android, and Windows applications. It also works smoothly with other APIs to help you achieve the best results.

2. Ionic

Ionic is an open-source framework for cross-platform mobile app. Most developers love to create iOS apps with Ionic because it comes with default UI elements such as tabs, list views, filters, and in short, a handy navigation menu. The developer can focus on developing apps with a robust UI. The developer who is familiar with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript will find Ionic very manageable. Additionally, it supports both Android and iOS platforms.

3. React Native

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It’s one of the top IOS development framework to work with. If the features that you would like in your mobile app are supported by React Naïve, the iPhone app development company USA you are working with might recommend you to use it. 

React Native is one great framework for developers to create high-performance apps in a short cycle. Yes, if you want an app in quick turnaround and fast deployment time, choose the React Native framework. The development team doesn’t even have to spend much time on complex coding which is typically involved when it comes to crafting an iOS app. It lets you create smooth animations too. The code quickly converts into a native view before the rendering process.

4. jQuery Mobile 

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No iOS development wants to have their hands tied on a single platform. When they are looking for variety and functionality, the choose JQuery Mobile. It’s a cross-platform development framework that has been used for creating apps for Windows, iOS, Android, Nook, MeeGo, Blackberry, and several other operating systems. The process of creating apps using this framework is quite straight-forward as well. ThemeRoller is one of the best features. It allows the developers to create an outstanding app without using overwrought languages. 

JQuery Mobile is powered by Ajax navigation. It plays a significant role in letting you create smooth animation and keep your app bug-free at the same time.

5. Flutter

Flutter is a framework developed by Google and it is becoming famous among developers because of its ability to code faster. Through faster coding, the process of app development becomes more convenient. The best part is a single base code is provided for Android and iOS. The main advantage of Flutter is that it lets the developers modify old widgets and convert them into brand new in a seamless way. This way, they can build a highly responsible mobile app with which the audience can engage faster than ever, as well.

6. Xamarin

Developers greatly love Xamarin for its shared codebase and its ability to integrate other apps. The platform is supposed by C# so this means the iPhone app development company USA you hire will be able to design a superior app using Xamarin tools and support.

Xamarin is best known for developing native apps for iOS, Mac OS, and Android. Since it’s a swift app development platform, the chances of bugs are fewer as well. A business can save a lot of time by using the best code and syntax. 

7. Framework 7

It is one of the most stable and independent frameworks for IOS app development out in the market. It does not require Angular JS or React. It relies on CSS, HMTL, and JavaScript for developing a great iOS app. 

You would love the amount of customization it offers. It lets you create a native app without external dependencies. Your app development team can use unique UI designs and elements to develop a feature-rich app without much of a hassle. 

8. Sencha Touch

This is an enterprise-grade framework that’s ideal for building cross-platform apps. The languages used here include JavaScript and HTML5. It’s indeed one of the premium choices for developing the iOS app.

Since it’s a premium choice, you will be able to create high performing apps with this platform. This framework involves drag and drop operations. It also comes with some ready to use mobile app templates. Developers can create components and add them to the library. These components can be reused for developing other apps in the future. 

9. MobinCube

It’s another of the top iOS app development framework especially for those who are new to the world of app development. Its best known for building native mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows.

Developers love it because it’s easy to use. It comes with prebuilt templates that newbies can use for creating well-performing apps. No coding experience is required to use this platform either. Many small businesses use MobinCube to develop their apps since they don’t have a big budget.  It lets you create apps for a variety of industries starting from education, entertainment, healthcare and more.

Summing Up

Confused which framework to use for your iOS app? It’s best to have a thorough discussion with your iPhone app development company USA and share the features you would like to see in the app. They will guide you and help you choose the right framework from these trending options.

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