Agriculture and Its Relation with Machines

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Agriculture is something that has been rooted in our systems since the day humans grazed this planet and started living, traces of agriculture can be found dating back to the beginning of life, humans have always grown food and it has been a major source of our food from the time life started, and of course, with the course of time, agriculture has seen the face of many advancements and different methods of agriculture have been tried and tested over time and the best one has stayed till today, but most of the methods have been replaced or enhanced with time and machinery. 

Talking about machinery, agriculture has seen a lot of industrialization and use of machines has heavily impacted this particular sector of work, the old days when farmers used to bed seeds in the soil with bare hands has gone, and the machines have taken over nearly all the aspects of agriculture, from the laying of seeds to harvesting of the field and everything in between has been taken over by machines, the only job of a farmer now is to control these machines properly and check on the field for when it is ready for harvesting, everything else in between is taken care of by the help of machines.

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Here’s a brief look at how a modern farm works and what machines come into play in each and every part of growing food:


Probably the most popular and common machinery which can be found on almost any farm these days, tractors are very versatile and can be used in a number of ways, tractors are used in plowing, tilling, disking, harrowing, and planting. Tractors are very flexible and can also come in handy for transportation of small or average sized goods that is why tractors are the most common kind of machinery found on farms.

Seed drill

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Seed drills, as the name suggests are used in the bedding of seeds, the main purpose of a seed drill is precision, this machine puts the seeds inside the soil in a uniform and measured depth which is very important for a plant as it needs to get the right amount of water and sunlight, but also the right amount of minerals from the soil, that is why putting seeds in the correct manner is essential for the plant.


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A sprayer is used to spray insecticides and pesticides to the field to protect it from all sorts of fungi and insects that could be harmful to the field and damage the plant. These insecticides have to be sprayed on a widespread area and doing it manually can take a lot of time, that is why sprayers are used to cover a wide land of area much faster and more efficiently, sprayers rarely tend to miss any spots and are much better than human hands. 

These are some of the most basic machines used in agriculture, of course there are a ton more which are used in this vast and wide field, but these are the devices that can be found in almost any field, 

Machinery has certainly made it very easy for farmers and people working in these fields. Pakistan is a land which makes most of its yearly revenue based on agriculture, almost 60 percent of the population in this country depend their livelihood on farming, that is why the government is always trying to ramp up farmers by providing them with tractors and giving them handsome discounts on agriculture machinery for sale, these machines, not only make the work of the farmers much easier, they also provide much more crops and saves a lot of time which collectively that can sum up to become months and a field which once grew a whole field of cotton one time a year can now also work on other crops in the time that was saved by the use of machines. The demand for used construction machinery for sale in Pakistan is growing day by day and Pakistan, as an agricultural dependent nation is taking a giant step towards and all machine operated modern farming future, which could prove to be a massive improvement in not only the quantity but also the quality of the crops, which in turn means greater revenue and economic stability for the country in the long run,

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