Solutions to help brands build effective customer relationships on social networks

Solutions to help brands build

With the continuous and growing growth of the Internet as well as social networking platforms, attracting and reaching potential customers on online channels not only brings about high efficiency but also helps businesses save money. is a significant budget source in marketing activities.

Since the appearance of social networking, it has quickly become a potential ‘new playground’ for brands to explore and expand coverage. Most brands use social media to build a brand image as well as resolve complaints to help customers more trust and feel secure to use the service as well as increase potential customers for the brand.

Currently, the most popular social media channels used by users are Facebook and Instagram or most recently TikTok. These social media platforms are not only a mere entertainment place but also an active advertising communication channel for brands, which effectively connects brands with potential customers. So what is the solution for brands to build effective customer relationships on social media platforms?

Understand consumer behavior

By monitoring user discussions, businesses can quickly grasp topics that are most interested in consumers today, such as brand names, new products, product materials, and quantity. , benefits … At that time, you will have a huge database on all topics that are of interest to consumers, thereby helping you discover more useful information as well as adjust business strategies accordingly.

When there is a new topic on the market, social media will help you get the latest information about emerging brands, new product development trends, popular ingredients, or relationships. New minds of consumers, from which businesses will know the information needed to prepare and act in front of competitors.

Responding quickly and positively

According to The Social Habit, 32% of customers expect a response online within 30 minutes. If you don’t quickly address a consumer’s concerns, chances are your brand will face a ‘rage’ of users. A social network is like a double-edged sword, it can help you grow quickly but also give you a merciless ‘flying color’ in response to user reactions.

Speeding up response times not only pleases and reassures customers effectively but also helps you improve sales. The psychology of consumers always wants their problems to be solved quickly when having problems. The way the brand responds quickly and positively to customers not only reassures them in time but also contributes to building the brand into a reputable and reliable brand model in the market.

Personalize relationships between brands and consumers

Prompt customer feedback is not enough because ‘marketplace is a battlefield’, to be able to survive for a long time and have a great influence on today’s consumers, brands need to personalize relationships with customers. This means that you will have to create a great experience with each guest, make them feel welcome, recognized, and understood for every need, whether on an online or offline platform. Consumers not only buy products or services, but they also buy service culture and selling style. Building and maintaining a good relationship between the brand and the customer, personalizing the experience on each touchpoint will be an extremely urgent thing for the Vietnamese fashion industry today.

An introduction to your staff

Users often use social media to post interesting pictures of everyday life, to spread and share positive energy in life so it will be perfect when you turn your brand into “ people ”more.

There are many ways for brands to ‘show off’ their image to customers on social media such as sharing interesting moments at the company, funny behind-the-scenes pictures or simply sharing team stories. your team members, about your company so that customers can better understand your brand.

You should also take advantage of the Livestream feature on social media platforms to bring the most authentic brand image to consumers. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate a brand’s transparency to customers. Try using videos for still team members interviews, behind-the-scenes snapshots, and more.

Promotions, discount vouchers

Understand your customers, but you also need to keep an eye on the business strategies of rival brands to find out ‘holes’ and make ‘leaps’ for your brands.

In particular, implementing minigame or giveaway programs on fanpage is also a great way to build effective customer relationships. You can cleverly create a poll on Story to see the user’s demand for the product or create a minigame on Facebook / Instagram to motivate players to share your brand image more in the community.

With this form, you not only create a brand buzz, but also expand your reach, increase engagement, and attract new customers.

Willing to receive suggestions from customers in the most positive direction

Your brand does not always receive positive comments and compliments from the community, even big brands, and receiving criticism and judgment from users is inevitable. And your behavior in front of those suggestions will show your professionalism as well as brand culture.

Always refresh the brand

The market is always volatile and the brand name of the business can only adapt and fit in a certain period, then it is imperative to re-look and renew the brand not only to adapt to the change that also stimulates the sustainable growth of the business.

When building your brand image on social media platforms, always be yourself, be unique, and constantly renew your brand image by giving loyal customers deals, promotions, or events. monopoly. Everyone loves the offer, and customers will feel even more meaningful if it’s an offer just for them.

Share moments of closeness and interaction with customers

These could be customer moments with your products shared across groups or social media sites. Capturing simple moments, intimacy or creating content, images that win customers’ hearts will help your brand create trust and enhance brand reputation in the market.

When customers have expressed their heart and posted pictures of your products and services on social networks, it is also an opportunity for you to receive more comments and increase interaction with customers. There is no need to use fancy language to thank them, sometimes just simply letting the reaction or liking the article feel makes customers feel valued and interested. You should also regularly check tags, check-in, or reviews directly on the fanpage to quickly respond and interact with customers.

Always respect customers

Ultimately, to build and maintain good relationships with customers, the minimum and most important thing are to respect and listen to feedback from customers. If you want consumers to be loyal to you, you need to show them how much you respect and accept their suggestions, how you change your brand, and focus on user-generated content.

User-generated content will represent their opinion and ideas about your product or service, especially for your brand. Not only that but listening to suggestions from customers also helps you get more inspiration in the process of creating new products. It is both a way to build trust with customers and to help you have more new ideas, a move that ‘wins 2 enemies’ that every brand wants.


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