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heart failure 1
heart failure 1

What do you think about heart disease? Most people get easily fooled about the misconceptions spread randomly. Do you think heart disease happens only for aged people? Will only food or alcohol loving people have such a disease? All these are great myths about the heart attack. Relying on false assumptions and misconceptions can be dangerous most of the time. So, here is a list of common myths people believe, and they should have awareness about the fact.

Myth: “I am young, and I will not have heart disease”

Fact: How you live now affects the risk of cardiovascular disease in the future. Life of the person in childhood and adolescence, plaque can start accumulating in the arteries, and it leads to clogged arteries. It does not mean that everyone who is suffering from heart disease is a senior citizen. The issue is also for the young and middle-aged people who have other issues like obesity, type-2 diabetes, and any other risk associated with heart disease.

Myth: “Heart attack is the man’s problem” 

Fact: It is one of the biggest misconceptions regarding the heart attack where people think a heart attack is only for men. However, the survey says that the heart attack kills a number of women as well. The symptom differs from men to women. So, they have to learn the risk factors, signs, diets, plan activities, stress management, and other Heart Attack Treatment to have a healthy heart.

Myth: “Medicine is enough to control heart disease” 

Fact: Diabetes is one of the major risk factors of heart disease, and it is important to control it with the right medicine. People with diabetes have a high risk of developing heart disease because of two conditions like obesity, blood pressure, and smoking. So, just having the medicine is not enough for Heart Attack Treatment. You need to follow the right food habits and regular exercise for a healthy heart.

Myth: “Considering Heart failure the same as a heart attack” 

Fact: During the heart attack, the blood supply for the heart will get stopped. It is caused by the building of plaque in the arteries or due to blood clots. Heart failure is the case where your heart will not be able to pump the quantity of blood necessary for the body. A heart attack is one of the causes of heart failure, but it cannot be stated as the same.

Myth: “Considering Chest pain  the only warning sign to have the heart attack” 

Fact: Yes! Check pain is the warning sign for the heart attack, but it is not the only warning sign. There are also some other signs like discomfort in your back, neck, jaw, or pain in one or both the hands. Further, you may also feel lightheaded or short of breath and even nauseated, which are also symptoms of a heart attack. All these signs need a serious Heart Attack Treatment.


Having awareness and a clear understanding of heart disease is vital for the health of an individual and the people around you. So, discuss with the heart specialist and take a step to have a healthy and peaceful life. 


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