Different Types of Sports Flooring

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The sports arena is highly diversified due to the numerous types of sports events and the surface required for playing those sports. Some sports demand friction-free surfaces, and some need a shock-absorbing floor. The sports flooring is one of the vital parts of gameplay because if the floor isn’t right, it can cause multiple injuries to the players. Thus, the texture, moisture level, and shock-absorbing rate of the floor need to be precise. 

For the ease of players, nowadays, multiple types of sports flooring are designed with the help of latest techniques. There are various sports floor manufacturers present in the market, but only a handful of them understand the criteria of different sports forms and design meticulous floors. One good sports floor manufacturer deals with multiple types of sports floor options so that they can offer a complete solution to their customers. 

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When looking to place an order for sports flooring, it is imperative to be informed about all the different types of sports floor options available in the market. 

Indoor Sports Flooring

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There is an array of sports that are played indoors, including volleyball, tennis, wrestling, basketball among others. To accommodate all the different types of sports, the right style of flooring is essential. For instance, the hardwood flooring will be an idyllic surface for sports like basketball and volleyball. However, for other sports, rubber flooring will be the right solution. Thus, the understanding of the complete indoor sports flooring catalog is advisable before making your decision. 

Hardwood Flooring 

Whenever you think about your school gymnasiums, you instantly remember the shiny and solid hardwood flooring. The maple hardwood flooring is commonly installed in basketball courts for providing ease in surface diving to the players. Hardwood flooring is aesthetically appealing and comes with numerous colors and customization options. This type of sports flooring is shock-absorbing and can be swiftly installed or removed. However, maintenance of hardwood sports flooring is costly, but overall, it’s a good indoor sports floor option. 

Polyurethane Flooring 

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Polyurethane is one of the highly durable and resilient flooring types that can easily absorb heavy pressure of sports activities and equipment. This type of flooring is prominently used in sports complexes where multiple sports are played. Moreover, polyurethane can be smoothly customized as per the requirements of field houses. 

Rubber Flooring 

Vulcanized rubber sports flooring is among the highly durable flooring. It is a very common type of sports floor. Multiple layers of rubber provide soothing comfort, and shock absorbency keeps the players balanced. It is essential to keep the top layer of rubber flooring protected against mold and bacteria. The maintenance cost of rubber flooring is minimal. 

Outdoor Sports Flooring 

The fields of sports like lacrosse, baseball, cricket, football, hockey, and some racing tracks are outdoor. The outdoor flooring needs to be strong, durable, resilient, and shock absorbent, just like the indoor flooring. If the quality of outdoor sports flooring isn’t up to the mark, it can impact the performance of the player negatively. Outdoor flooring can be broadly categorized into two types – 


The outdoor tracks are mostly designed with high shock-absorbing rubber material because sudden pull for traction can cause an intense leg, ankle, or knee injury to the player. The track surface is designed with a water-resistant technique as well to keep it dry. Thus, the vulcanized rubber is the ideal material to design outdoor fields because they are developed from recycled rubber, which doesn’t contain any harmful materials. In a way, rubber outdoor field tracks are eco friendly as well. 

Artificial Turfs

Mostly, schools and universities are nowadays using artificial turf to design the outdoor sports ground because it doesn’t require maintenance like natural grass. Artificial turf consists of durable filament fibers to recreate the same appeal as natural grass. For football, baseball, cricket, and other outdoor sports, the artificial turf surface is used aggressively. 

There are multiple sports flooring options available for the field houses nowadays to select from. With the support of the leading sports floor manufacturer company, you can easily find the right type of sports floor. Just find the best manufacturer first, and the next process is super easy. 

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