Top 5 Super Affordable Cars in Pakistan for 2020!


Pakistan’s automobiles are flourishing quite swiftly. Are you searching for reliable and affordable cars? Before you hit the market to buy any vehicle, go through this write-up, which helps you decide. The craziness of Pakistanis with new and modern cars grew. That’s why every year, new cars or different upgraded models hit the automobile sector and, of course, every Pakistani, whether he can afford or not, is eager to have a look. People take car Insurance in Karachi and other parts of Pakistan as it secures their investment.

Suzuki Wagon R

Suzuki Wagon R is the best choice in the 1000 cc category. It has a very low maintenance cost. The spare parts of the car are easily available in the automobile market. The consumption of the fuel is around 15 km per liter. The price of the car starts from over RS 1.5 million. Not only cars but new Suzuki motorcycles were introduced. Suzuki is the brand which is famous for so many years. 

 Suzuki Mehran:

Suzuki Mehran had enjoyed its monopoly and finally went out of production last year. Throughout its production cycle, the 800 cc hatchback kept its shape with minor cosmetic changes. The maintenance cost of the car is on the lowest side. It was a popular choice among consumers because of its affordability factor. As its spare parts are also easily available in the market. It is a cost-effective car that costs around Rs 3-4 lacs for older models while the last model of Mehran, which was discontinued at a price of around Rs 9 lac. It doesn’t cost too much fuel consumption.

Suzuki Cultus

Suzuki Cultus has the same K10B engine as that fitted in Wagon R. The fuel consumption is quite the same as Wagon R, which is 14 km per liter. The price of the car is close to Rs 1.7 million for the fully powered version. Suzuki is the Pakistani automobile brand that usually introduces affordable cars in Pakistan with the best quality engines. Among all the facts, the spare part of Suzuki’s company cars is easily found anywhere in Pakistan. 

Honda City:

The new model of Honda City might not be considered as an affordable car due to having higher maintenance costs. Still, if we go one generation back, which is the 2008 model and older, the car is an affordable option in 2020 in Pakistan’s local sector. Although the models produced between 2004 and 2008 were quite user-friendly as well as low maintenance costs. It also consumes fuel around 14-15 km per liter.These old models are easily available in the market at the cost of Rs 1 million.

 United Bravo:

United Automobiles is not a new automobile brand, as it is manufacturing motorbike in the country for so many years. However, the company also introduced their car segment back in 2018 when it introduced its first locally made 800cc United Bravo. It’s slowly making its place in the market as it is cost-effective in terms of maintenance. The fuel consumption is average above 15 km per liter. This car costs under Rs 1 million in Pakistan.


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