Tips to Maintain the Balance with Hand Sanitizers: Germ Killing and Skincare

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Hand sanitizer or hand disinfectant is an effective germ-killing agent. It can reduce most of the invisible disease-causing agents accumulated on your skin during daily activities. There are two types of hand sanitizer – alcohol based and alcohol-free where the alcohol based hand sanitizer is triumphant in killing several pathogens including that of the causing COVID-19. 

When you apply an alcohol-based hand rub on your skin, your hands become cooler for a few moments. Do you know why? The main ingredient of an alcoholic hand rub is either ethyl alcohol, n-propanol, or isopropyl alcohol. These substances are highly volatile. After applying on your skin, they quickly start to evaporate and take away the bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens off your hands. Along with them, the moisture from your skin also evaporates, making the skin dry and arid each time you apply. 

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For such reason, manufacturers include moisturizers as a skin rejuvenating agent. 

So, despite being a good germ-killing agent, alcohol based hand sanitizers have adverse effects on the skin like dryness, cracks, itchiness, redness, and swelling. For such reasons, the regular use of sanitizer is a matter of concern. Where major health officials across the globe recommend frequent rubbing of hands with alcohol-based hand rub, you need to seek the balance between germ-killing and maintaining intact skin. The COVID-19 pandemic is nowhere to go, and you have no other option than taking necessary health precautions to keep the disease at check. The only solution is that you choose the right sanitizer that is tough on the virus, and at the same time nourishes your skin. For such, you may follow the tips,

  • Use as much as it is required, larger quantity does not necessarily mean better protection, rather the reverse. A coin-shaped amount is enough if you apply them well onto your palms and in between your fingers. 
  • Plus, frequent use does not also mean using now and then. Use the hand-rub when you have doubts about catching the germs. Otherwise, you’d be wasting the sanitizer.
  • The more natural ingredients a sanitizer consists of the lesser its effects on your skin. Simple formula, use of organic moisturizer like aloe vera gel, and consisting of 70% alcohol will constitute the best alcohol based hand sanitizer for you. 
  • Higher concentration does not mean better germ killing. According to the WHO and the CDC, a hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol will be enough to kill bacteria and viruses like Coronavirus. Higher concentrations like 90-95% alcohol will work the same as the one with 60% concentration, only skin problems will increase. 
  • Don’t fall for the sanitizer that looks aromatic and lavish. The main purpose of the sanitizer is to kill the germs on your hands. The more chemicals go onto the making of your hand sanitizer, the less it will comfort your skin.
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A hand sanitizes is aimed to maintain your hand hygiene, and the best alcohol based hand sanitizer is adept at it with no notable side effects on your skin. Just read the label before you buy, and choose wisely.

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