How to Decorate Small Spaces Like a Pro


Well, this is true that you can decorate a big room easily while putting large size items but decorating small spaces is really tough. You have to fit as much as possible, but the room mustn’t feel congested.  No need to sacrifice on style whether you are choosing to live a more minimalist existence. 

Let there be light

A small room can seem congested if the lightning is not proper. Light plays an important role in house settings. Letting natural light shine in through the windows without restriction with the blackout blinds. As light works for humans, these living beings crave light and oxygen similarly. Led aquarium light is permissible and in most cases, it works flawlessly as only the combination of the red and blue spectrum is required in the aquarium. Having rocks, pebbles and other marine life inside your aquarium will help you create an ultra-modern look inside your home. Don’t worry about feeding the fish when you are out since holiday meals are available that can keep them fed for weeks. An aquarium is a sign of prosperity and keeping it inside your home attracts prosperity. If you don’t have the space in your room for floor and table lamps, install such wall top lightnings such as string lights, wall sconces, or pendant lighting.

Look for multi-purpose and/or folding furniture

Always try to buy such furniture which can perform twin works so it will save you space. You can find furniture that serves a variety of purposes, such as beds that can easily become couches and side tables that can convert into desks.

Make use of mirrors

Mirrors enhance both additional light and the feeling of additional space into rooms by reflecting natural and non-natural lighting. Use a large mirror or put a few smaller ones throughout a room. You can even create a wall of mirrors like you might do with art.

Keep bigger items against the wall

You have to plan strategically while ditching large size furniture items when you’re decorating a small space, about where you put them. Things like couches, shelves and bookcases up against the wall, rather than in the middle of the floor.


No need to add useless stuff which takes the space. Just keep the general amount of stuff to a minimum when you don’t have a room to work with. Be creative about leaving enough open space in your small house. Remove clutter as it will benefit you in two ways as you feel ease of movement and secondly, for maintaining utility. 

Wall Design

Small spaces impact themselves very well to bold colors, and textures don’t overwhelm the room with dark colors. Always choose neutral color so you feel spacious. Use colors and prints in smaller ways such as an accent wall, throw pillows, hang crafted works, smaller size mirror wall or even just picture frames. You may put up some bright 3D wallpaper.

Use large rugs

Decorating a tiny space is all about ditching the eye into seeing more than there really is. Decorating with large rugs, although, give a sense of magnificence and the feeling of a larger room. However, the shape and the furniture of the room will dictate the best size rug to purchase but always aim to go as big as you can. Now new design carpets are available. You can Buy Carpets in Pakistan from Humayun interiors as their interior quality is outstanding. They have varieties of vinyl flooring karachi which make your small area splendid.

Play around with uniformity

We’re naturally drawn to balance—in faces, in nature, and in homes. If you are intent on having a seating in your small living room or just place rug under the sofa or table so place it symmetry so it won’t feel unbalanced. 



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