Try the quality filter for your HVAC/ AC system

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In the past few years, fiberglass filters have raised enormously as it is extremely modest filter material. Due to its affordability, manufacturers, and other filter products shops have associated in their venture’s catalog and racks. Fiberglass material is segmented as Fiberglass filter paper, Fiberglass filter cloth, fiberglass filter bag, etc.

While you are making your mind for fiberglass material, must check the MERV rating, if it shows between 1-4, it will operate only for a month. Whether it’s a person or any product material rumors stuck with everything. Fiberglass is also untouched with it. Here, in this blog, we have tried to uncover a few.

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Fiberglass filters are generally introduced in the size of 1-2 inches in a blue color variant. Fiberglass is the primary raw material used to manufacture a distinct type of fiberglass filter products. These filter products vary in design to pleated filters. But utilize it for the same purpose which is indoor air cleaning.

Fiberglass v/s pleated filter

Pleated filters specified with high-efficiency, high-standard, high-quality properties that make the indoor air atmosphere pollution-free and fresh but budget-conscious people often apt the fiberglass filter paper for their home as pleated filters are a little expensive. The monthly replacement of the fiberglass filter consumes your savings.

Rumour 1: Effectiveness

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It is believed that fiberglass filters work efficiently, in reality, it is not as true. To check the efficiency level you can check the MERV rating scale. Although 1-4 points isn’t a good score for the filter, it is not sufficient to implicitly catch the fine dust particles, roaming inside the home. Don’t put your health in danger, find out a better solution to enhance the air quality of the home.

Rumour 2: Perfect AC/ Furnace partner

If you are using a fiberglass filter for your home then you are decreasing the life of your air conditioner and furnace system. Ineffective ventilation and filtration systems encounter dust clogging problems in this way, dirt mixes with the fresh air and makes the atmosphere contaminated. In the state of clogging it can tear down the filters. Frequent repair and maintenance tasks are such a time-consuming process, making your life uncomfortable and extravagant. It vanished your mental peace.

Rumour 3: Modest

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Fiberglass is organized as an affordable, low-price material at the filter manufacturer’s store. Due to this cost-effectiveness characteristics, it is accepted by the house owners. But some hidden factors are associated with it in the form of maintenance, clogging, polluted air atmosphere. 

Pleated filters are much better than the Fiberglass filter papers as they consume low-space and trap a higher amount of fine dust particles. It saves your time on a monthly basis, sustaining for a long while. Although it seems a little heavy on your budget but for a long time, it is quite good. 
Your health is more important than the Polyester Filter Cloth or fiberglass filter cloth budget. Choose the one that is suitable for your home air conditioner and HVAC system. Go for the one that doesn’t impact on the natural air quality, we are inserting filters to enhance the fresh air quality, and trap the fine particles, not for the polluted air.

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