How to leverage social media for your job hunt

christin hume Hcfwew744z4 unsplash
christin hume Hcfwew744z4 unsplash

Every smart job hunter knows the requisites that one needs to land a good job. A well-structured resume, complete documentations, recommendation letters, and a ton of confidence is enough to help you get your hands on any job. But sometimes, even these very crucial attributes are not enough for you to get your hands on a satisfactory job. Why? Well, many reasons can contribute to a situation like this. However, searching for employment in the wrong place stands at the top.  

In 2020, the dynamics of every aspect of life have drastically changed. From technology to education and business, every part of life is now in an agile movement where everything changes form and attitude with time. The same goes for the whole job hunt scenario. The majority of the people in this era are struggling with the concept of saving money and managing finances. With recessions hitting the economies of the countries due to the ongoing situations of a pandemic like Covid-19, war, or lack of resources, it is hard for the youth to strive. Poverty and an inadequate supply of necessities, like education are also playing a major role as one of the declining factors of the economy of many countries. 

Still, not everything is just bad in 2020. The key to lead a successful life in 2020 is leveraging every possible option to anchor a solid source of income. The modern world is fast, unforgiving, and will leave you behind if you fail to match its speed. So, how can you save yourself from lagging and failing in living a standard lifestyle with your dream job? The answer to this question is right in front of you. It is everywhere around you – social media. 

 Digital technology has come a long way and is responsible for making the most historical changes in the working of the current world. But there is one thing the new generation has yet to decipher about digital technology, and it is how to use it to its full potential and make money out of it. If you’re here to look for something similar and want to make use of social media for your job hunt, this is the absolute guide for you. 

How to use LinkedIn for your job hunt 

Tip # 1 Make your profile alluring 

Most people end up making a common mistake when they make a LinkedIn account intending to look for a job. The second they are done with making up their account, they start connecting to people. The thumb rule of using social media platforms like LinkedIn is to be patient, as it is one virtue that you need the most to survive in the competitive world of employment. You want your future potential recruiters to see the best version of you. Make sure you have a killing profile before you start networking on LinkedIn to ensure the best possible first impression of you. 

Tip # 2 Follow a plan

It is imperative to understand that the algorithm of every social media platform differs from each other. People do not use Facebook as they use LinkedIn and vice versa. If you want to grab the attention of target recruiters, update your profile regularly with relevant opinions. But beware of spamming. Keep a moderate balance, so the companies that are looking to hire people may see you as a driven individual with a professional equilibrium. 

Tip # 3 Connect with people you know 

Connecting with the people you know in any way is better than sending requests to any profile that comes on your screen. Try to network and talk to people who you have met previously in your past job, at networking parties, or in similar types of events. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule as well. You can connect to a person who might take your interview for your next job or with a person who you want to work with shortly. 

Tip # 4 Make use of the groups 

The majority of people take the groups as the underbelly of LinkedIn. In the sense that everybody knows they exist, many are a part of such groups as well, but only a small ratio of people use them actively to their advantage. If you want to expand your network on social media platforms and are looking for jobs in the finest and leading companies, engage in the groups and carry out productive discussions to get noticed by the relevant recruiters. 

How to use Facebook for your job hunt 

Tip # 1 Keep some valuable information available on your profile 

Security is a hassle for many in social media, and limiting the visibility of profiles to just friends and family is understandable. However, when you are looking for a job on Facebook, it is beneficial if you keep some interesting information concerning your field visible. Since possible recruiters will look you up on Facebook, they must find something worthwhile to hire you in their company. Keeping an impressive and professional profile picture and mentioning everything about your education and previous work experience help majorly. 

Tip # 2 Make your crisp, witty, and professional captions public 

When you are sharing an article that you wrote for a contented client, a recent achievement at your workplace, or announcing any fun activity that you are planning to do, make it public. This strategy helps in showing traits of your personality to a recruiter who is checking your profile, and if he likes some of them, chances are you will be on their list of possible employees. Most people share such information for entertainment purposes or for supporting their friends, but these captions can make or break your social media job hunt endeavor. 

Tip # 3 Don’t be shy when giving likes to your favorite companies 

This trick might not sound too helpful, but it can facilitate your job hunt on Facebook to a great extent. When you like a company’s page, you will get daily alerts about their current activities. You can use these activities as talking points during an interview that impresses recruiters to the core. Moreover, you will also receive notifications referring to openings for jobs, so you do not miss out on any opportunity. Additionally, small-scale companies may take a look if you have liked their page or not, only to gauge your interest in working for them.  

Tip # 4 Let your connections know you are looking for a job 

This is the trickiest tip yet the most beneficial if you do it smartly. If you are publicizing your search for jobs or if you do not have any co-workers or other people who might convey such information back to your boss, consider drafting a post indicating that you are open to job opportunities. It is a fact that if you do not have referrals in the back of your hand, you will struggle a lot to score a good job. In this regard, your family and friends can be a great help. However, you have to be extra careful with this tip. Just make sure you post it in a way that it does not find its way back to your current boss, as it can land you in hot water.  

How to use other social media platforms for your job hunt 

Tip # 1 Pour creativity in every corner of your social media presence 

Instagram and Pinterest might not be the first thing that comes into mind when the goal is looking for a job. However, these platforms can assist you in so many ways. You can showcase your eye for design, your paintings, content creation, and other such trending arts that can take you from level 0 to 100 in no time. The new-age recruiters are looking for creative-thinkers and aesthetically woke people to handle their design and content creation work, and there is no place better than Instagram and Facebook to look for them. 

Tip # 2 Focus on being industry-specific 

In the digital world, many platforms are industry-specific. All you have to do is search for a platform that compliments your expertise and form of art. Platforms like Fiverr and Upwork are like jackpots where freelancers professing in web designing, SEO, content writing, photoshop editing, etc, can find gigs and make a lot of money. Through such platforms, saving money and managing finances is also easy as you can always earn extra cash through small gigs. 

Tip # 3 Make use of them to stand out 

Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest allow users to explore their creativity in every sense with different functions like filters and editing. Use these features to stand out and catch the eye of your target recruiters most subtly. With Pinterest, now you can also design virtual resumes that can impress any recruiter and may get you your dream job as well. 

To harness the true power of social media, you have to explore it in all possible ways. With the right mindset, practical strategy, and a creative approach can make you the next millionaire in the world of social media. 


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