Spiritual Meaning And Symbols Of Crow’s

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Today I’m going to talk about the crow symbolism the crow symbolism is very similar to the Raven the difference between a crow and a raven is the fact that a raven is slightly bigger if you’ve seen a crow or a raven and you’re worried at all about seeing at these two birds it’s absolutely fine. you’ve probably read online that the representation spiritually have seen these birds is death or destruction and I’m here to tell you not to worry. I’m going to give you a full overview of what the crow and the Raven mean spiritually. Crow’s are also known as by the Aarakocra names as well as Kenku Names.

so let’s get on with it do you keep seeing crows do you wonder what they mean I’m going to split this article into two parts. firstly I’m going to discuss what it means to see a crow along with the spiritual message and secondly I’m going to look more into the crow symbolism. so number one what is a spiritual message of the crow crows are magic they are clairvoyant in nature and if you see a crow crosses your path especially if you’re driving or you see the crow perched somewhere looking into your eye. 

The crow is giving you a message a crow has a mental age of a seven-year-old and is super super intelligent the message spiritually that he is trying to convey is that it’s time for transformation there could be a major change in life and the crow is there to help you move from one situation to another it calls for you to see events in different ways be watchful and intelligent in your composure going forward. 

Secondly what is a symbolism of a crow the crow is a powerful bird in ancient red Indian culture they believe that the crow has the eye of the Raven this is considered to be the door of the inner spiritual world this makes the crow the messenger between the invisible world and our Material Plane. crows can see the past present and future if a crow suddenly dies all the other crows flock around and investigate the death so they don’t fall victim to the same fate they are very good at investigation work crows also live between seven and fourteen years and they bring us so much magic in life crows and ravens were symbols of the great goddess in Greek mythology. 

But they are considered dark in nature due to the black coat and the fact they eat decaying things generally though I believe that crows are totally misunderstood and they simply just mean change. If you see a crow sat down looking at you or flying near to you to the point where they are trying to get your attention it can mean that new opportunities will be yours perhaps you’re just questioning things at the moment it could be a sign that it’s a fantastic time for you to change if the crow keeps coming on more than one occasion it can be considered your animal totem or power animal. 

If this is the case the crow is there in order to help you with your own self-worth and confidence crows can sometimes appear in our dreams and if you do dream of a crow or Raven then this can suggest you’re going to be facing some hidden issues in your subconscious mind when a crow shows up near your property repetitively. then I would say it’s very important you pay attention to your animal totem we are all destined to have these animal guys come into our life in order to give us aspiritual message from above I personally believe that all birds are messages of God and in Greek mythology bird omens were veryvery popular in fact it was so popular that people relied on looking at theflight path of birds in order to predict the weather. 

Also future Wars if you see crows flying in a line it can symbolize a new start due to somebody else if you see crows flying in a V shape it can illustrate that you need to focus on your own inner strength in order to overcome a difficulty in a relationship. that’s close to you if you see a crow flying very very low near afield a green field then in ancient English superstition law this can indicate messages from spirit that you need to take notice of if you see a crow in your own garden. 

Then this signifies change and transformation to see a dead crow is a not a very nice experience and it can be very upsetting but in folklorea dead bird whatever the species denotes a change in death a new beginning but don’t panic because it’s a spiritual journey a group of Ravens are called unkindness. a group of rooks is called a building a group of crows is called a murder this name is due to the fact that crows kill other crows sometimes. I hope you enjoyed my article and just to summarize if you saw a crow it represents transformation and change it’s a message to say that you should not be scared of change and you should embrace it.


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