How to clean your dryer vent easily.

clean dryer vent

Washing is one of the most common activities that almost every household practices. Some practice it daily, while others practice weekly or monthly depending upon their needs and routine. Nevertheless, what is an essential thing that comes to mind when we discuss something about washing? Yes, you are right Dryer vents as they play a significant role when it comes to washing. Have you ever wondered how much these dryers are contributing and reducing your manual effort? We need to oblige them for what they do for us, not by thanking them but by taking care of them.

Dryer vent cleaning is one of the best ways to take care of dryers so that they can serve us for an extended period. However, if we ignore their maintenance and cleaning, we might face some severe consequences. Facts state that there have been almost 1600 home fires in a year, and the primary reason behind them was the clogging of dryer vents. This fact proves that it is incredibly significant to maintain our dryer vents through popper cleaning and regular maintenance. This way, we will save a lot of money in our daily expenses such as utility bills and reduce the risk of hazards like home fires.

It is the reason we have come up with some fantastic techniques that will help you maintain your dryer easily. After reading the article, you will be confident enough to make sure that you will easily clean your dryers all by yourself without any help from a certified professional. No one can afford to hire a certified professional every 2-6 months to clean their dryers; thus, you must learn some techniques that might help you later.

  • Here comes the most crucial first step.

It is imperative to clean the lint trap after every wash because that will help fix most of the complications you are facing. It is essential because it is a lot more than a place that collects the lint. The moist air in the dryer goes through the filter and right out of the vent. In case the filter there is clogging of lint in the vent, the moisture does not get a path to exit the vent making it harder for the dryer to work. You will notice that the dryer is taking longer to dry the clothes.

The important thing that you need to know is that lint is flammable, and if you continue to ignore its clogging, it might be dangerous for not only you but also your family. Therefore, you should use the method described in this article to ensure that you always clean the dryer right after every washing cycle. If it is not possible after every washing cycle, try doing it once a week but do not delay more than that because lint clogging is highly dangerous.

  • Find the duct

Let’s start the activity to help us get rid of the lint and dust in the ductwork. To start, you need to track down the exhaust vent. You should know where it starts and where it ends. Many dryers have exhaust vents that directly get into contact with the piping and ductwork inside the wall. It makes it easy for the hot air to travel to the opening located on the wall outside the house. You do not have to fear because the outside vent is uncapped and allows warm air to escape quickly.

  • Ensure it is disconnected

Disconnect the dryer by just unplugging the unit from the socket. Remove any clamp or tape that attaches the pipe to the exhaust. Now pull the vent pipe away from the wall duct; however, you need to make sure that you are doing it exceptionally gently because using hard hands could damage it. Now you can remove the dryer; you can now move ahead. Please do not carry the gas dryer too much as it may get damage. Work with extra care because it is a complicated task; if you do not feel comfortable, call for professional help.

  • Time for a Squeaky clean

We are now moving to the cleaning task, as the dryer vent opening is now visible. Remove the duct flap or cover it from the vent that is located outside the house. If you have the vent cleaning kit, then the job is easy. Otherwise, you need to purchase one to move ahead. The kit contains a lint brush and multiple 2-foot-long flexible segments. The equipment will help you reach out to the corners that you will not reach out with a vacuum cleaner hose.

Slide the brush into the duct and cover the area with something to protect it from lint. In the end, that encounter will be pointing out the debris will come out. Repeat the step until no or significantly less garbage comes out from the vent. Try pushing the rod as far as you can, as it will help reach out to the region that you cannot reach with your hand. Be patient, careful, and slow in this process because there might be twists and turns. If you are doing all this with hard hands, it might end up damaging something. Move back and forth to let the debris come out. If you have not eviscerated for a long time, then there might be too much mess. Thus do not be surprised and keep working hard.

  • Join everything back

After cleaning, it is time to keep everything back into the position to start washing right away. Just as you de attached everything, they initially do it complete opposite to reassemble them back. As soon as you reassemble, all you do you. Whoa! That is quite an achievement.

Dryers are simple machines that tend to serve us for an extended period if looked after properly. So stop wandering around and keep everything aside and start cleaning the dryer right away so that you can be safe from hazards and save a few bucks.


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