3 Real Estate Social Media Tips You Should Never Overlook

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Real estate marketing has now gone digital. Previously, real estate marketing was based on traditional methods, meetups and reviews. Now, the time has changed the industry completely. With the introduction of social media ads and social media platforms, it has become increasingly important to hire a real estate social media agency. 

If you are a realtor and looking for ways to sell your property online, you should start working on your social media marketing. Social media marketing for real estate agents is not the most preferred task. It needs time, creativity, punctuality and most importantly social media strategy. A real estate agent might not be well familiar with the social media terms, trends, hashtags and tips to optimize every post reach. Therefore, it is better to hire professionals who have experience in social media marketing for real estate.

Otherwise, here are some social media marketing tips that you should never overlook while sharing real estate posts.

  • Prioritize Your Social Media Platforms
  • Post Strategically
  • Include Testimonials

Prioritize Your Social Media Platforms:

There are almost five social media marketing platforms that businesses use. But it is not preferred to start marketing on all five. You should prioritize your social media platform based on your business niche. 

Most of the real estate target market uses Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Therefore, it is better to focus on these three first. Later, you may start sharing posts on LinkedIn as well. Instagram is an effective branding tool. You can use it along Facebook to create real estate ads. However, focusing on all three will get you more clients. Soon, you will begin to analyze your social media follower’s insights that will help you identify the most demanded content.

Post Strategically:

Sharing posts on your real estate business canopymls pages is not like sharing your personal posts. You should follow a social media plan to strategize each post. For example, if you have a new property on sale available, it is better to share new property images and details on Instagram and Facebook.

Moreover, as you strategize on your post, you should optimize your keywords as well. Image descriptions or captions should be persuasive enough to make the viewers click on call to action. Each caption should include a key term, a relevant hashtag depending on the size of your page followers and the volume of the hashtag. Including property details and your location will make your post appear to the local market as well. This will increase your views, reach and impressions.

Include Testimonials:

Despite real estate marketing going digital, people still rely on the word of mouth. Now they check online reviews before signing a contract. Therefore, it is very important to share customer reviews.

You can ask your loyal customers to share a video reviewing your service experience. This will engage more traffic on your social media pages. Posting video testimonials is more likely to generate social media traffic. But all images and videos should be professionally captured and edited.

To share professional posts and write keyword-optimized content you will be requiring social media marketing expertise. Although there are many apps that you may use to manage your social profiles, none can guarantee a boost in traffic. To generate more traffic, clicks and sales you should get in touch with experts in social media marketing for real estate.


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