Five ways to promote your business traditionally in Canada

shopping mall
shopping mall

Promoting a business is an effective way of expanding your customers and generating more income by creating awareness of your products and services. Without promotion, a business would not generate as much profit as it could due to being invisible to many customers. 

The promotion of any product must have a well-planned strategy and target the right kind of consumers for maximum profit. It is often small businesses that need to understand the importance of promotion and opt for the right strategies.

Traditional promotion

As the name suggests, this mode of promotion uses methods that have been used for a long time.

Various methods of traditional promotion include:

  • Flyers

Post and hand out flyers at spots where you might find potential customers. For instance the Big AI’s Flyers offer weekly specials with hot deals and coupons to shop from. 

  • Business cards

These come in handy whenever you meet potential customers. So make sure you have plenty of these.

  • Organizing events related to your product

If the product you want to promote is eatable, try handing out free samples to attract customers.

  • Blogs and articles

Writing blogs related to your products are an efficient way of promoting your business online. But make sure the content of your blog is original and is helpful to the readers.

  • Radio broadcasts

92% of America’s population still listens to the radio every week. Any consumer that might be looking for the product you’re promoting might be interested in buying. There is a possibility that they’ll check your stores or website after hearing about your product on the radio.

  • Ads in magazines and newspapers

Ads in newspapers are one of the oldest methods of promotion. This might be a good approach to reach out to the baby boomers who don’t use smartphones to get updated on current affairs and prefer reading the ol’ newspaper.

Promoting a business traditionally in Canada isn’t much different from promoting in another country. In fact, it is easier. For instance, the Americans shop online more than Canadians, so handing out flyers outside stores can help reach more potential customers than in America. 

Canadians are more likely to see your posted flyers. People also look for good deals more than they look for brand names. It makes it easier for lesser-known businesses to succeed when advertising as they don’t have the disadvantage of being the underdogs.

Furthermore, advertisements created in the other countries are sometimes altered when approaching Canadian consumers for better effectiveness because of the difference in their culture and shopping patterns. Advertisments in different countries might seem similar on the surface, but to reach out to the Canadians, even the mall retailers need to modify their promotion techniques and adapt to the habits of the Canadian consumers.

Conclusion: A business cannot reach its full potential without promotions. Certain traditional promotions have been discussed in this article and also how the Canadians have different shopping patterns and tips on how to adapt to them.

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