Your Guide on Buying the Right Sunglasses


Sunglasses are the usual add-ons to complement your overall outfit. However, it goes further than that for most people. They use it for eye protection, which is basically what it is for. If you want to search for a suitable pair of sunglasses, it will be a lot easier if you know the essential factors to consider. Apart from its aesthetic features, there are still other elements that identify if it is indeed the right pair for you. This piece of eyewear comes in various forms and manufacturing combinations. The shape of your face, preferred style, and the protection requirements for your eyes–these are a couple of points to keep in mind. Your local Lenscrafters in Calgary can even prescribe sunglasses for you with special lenses that perform the function of eyeglasses. Reading the rest of this content will educate you and make your search process a lot faster.

UV Protection Features

Even if it can significantly change your entire look with that pair of killer eyewear, you must be aware of the real significance of wearing one. Apart from a fashion accessory, it also protects you from harmful ultraviolet light. This allows you to improve the optical clarity in a glaring environment and lower the risk for eye damage.

Sunglasses are necessary for highly exposed individuals to UV light, particularly in activities like driving, watersports, or snowsports in sunny climates. When buying a pair of shades, make sure to get the one with 100% UV protection. Despite the sun being too far away from where you are, its UV rays can significantly cause damage to your eyes and other severe health conditions.

Frame Size

Initially, you should look at the face size of the shades. The frame size should correspond to your face size–big frames for round faces, while small frames for petite faces. This is a rule of thumb when choosing a suitable pair of eyewear for you. But for fashion’s sake, some like to wear oversized shades as they are indeed a statement, especially when you want to elevate your outfit. 

Frame Material

Selecting a frame material that best supplements your style is crucial since it can affect the shades’ comfort, functionality, and safety. Different kinds of materials have various functions, designs, and prices. 

Metal Frame

This is one of the much-preferred materials in producing eyewear frames. Its corrosion resistance, adjustability, and malleability make it easier to shape it in various frame forms. Even if they are slightly higher-priced than other materials, they’re worth it. They’re durable and classic but not highly-recommended for strenuous activities.

Plastic Frame

Plastic frames come from various materials such as polyurethane and acrylic. When you’re looking for chic but inexpensive sunglasses, those that use plastic frames are ideal options. You can have fun with their designs since they are made in various sizes, even for those worn with costumes. 

Nylon Frame

When you’re using it for action sports, nylon-framed eyewear is highly recommended. This type of frame is resistant to damages caused by temperature fluctuations. Athletes of action sports invest in good kinds of nylon-framed glasses since they’re known for their flexibility and durability. Most importantly, nylon frames are cheaper, sturdy and light compared to the metal counterparts.

Titanium Frame

Luxury or high-end eyewear typically uses this type of frame. Titanium frames are considered the most durable among other types since they are scratch-resistant. Several users don’t think twice about investing in a couple of pairs of titanium-framed eyewear because it’s worthwhile.


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