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Electronium cryptocurrency is a new digital project focused on providing ease of use of crypto technologies and increasing their availability for the general user.  Mainly, the creators of this coin count on attracting users, prefer to use mobile devices.

The means for instant payments, as well as for e-commerce systems, is the ETN cryptocurrency.  The developers believe that the token will soon become a popular means of payment.

 ETN mining is unusual both in concept and implementation.  If you download the Electroneum app, then the mining farm will instantly find itself in your pocket.  The profitability of such an occupation is minimal, but pumping with crypt is at least pleasant.  To increase interest in maintaining the network, the creators entered into collaborations with several mobile operators who are ready to accept deposits in mined ETNs.

 Where to buy Electroneum:

 • KuCoin;

 • Cryptopia;

 • Bitbns;

 • Coinbene;

 • TradeOgre.

 As you can see, cryptocurrency is not available on the most popular exchanges.  Binance froze in anticipation of a price breakout or mass adoption.

Main features

The Electroneum token is one of those altcoins that fell greatly over the summer of 2020, devaluing to the point of indecency.  In our opinion, this is due to the long absence of full functionality.  Now many Reddit users are confident that Electroneum is the future, in particular due to mobile mining and instant payment technology.

Some of the predictions made in the past have been highly optimistic.  Some have stated that the coin will reach $ 0.05 by the end of 2020.  Those making such predictions were unaware of the future coronavirus crisis, although they could have drawn attention to the many fears of the financial crisis expected to start in the early 1920s.  The general financial crisis may even be beneficial for Bitcoin, which is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, but investors generally don’t like altcoins.  It is not yet clear if coins like Electroneum will benefit from the crisis.  It seems that these days people are more comfortable with paper money, which allows them to buy the goods they need for quarantine.  Since ETN hasn’t performed well recently, it’s hard to expect its price to rise sharply towards the end of 2020.  In our opinion, it will be around $ 0.001.

Electroneum price prediction 2025

It is not easy to understand which price trend will be relevant for Electroneum and the entire global financial market in 2025.  It is understood that:

ü first-world countries will improve their economies in the wake of the coronavirus;

ü many developing countries will suffer much worse and the crisis is likely to still have repercussions in 2025 in countries that were the target audience of Electroneum from the outset. 

Electroneum’s price could rise significantly in such a situation, because its ecosystem could be more friendly to people than banks and other official monetary institutions.  Our forecast is that 1 ETN will be worth $ 1.  If any circumstances arise that preclude the dominance of cryptocurrency in developing countries, the price may simply double from 2023 and reach about $ 0.01.


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