What are the various bonuses offered by a casino online?

online gambling
online gambling

Since bonuses are the only factors that could attract and retain customers in an online casino, you could find the following types of bonuses in almost all casinos out there. 

Welcome bonus

Whenever you visit a casino online for the first time, you would get to see an offer named as a welcome bonus. It is an attractive bonus offered to all the new customers of an online casino to make the players deposit for the first time on the website. Let us assume that you will get $100 extra by depositing $100 in a casino. Would not you get tempted? Almost every of us would love to get that extra $100 and try our luck in the gambling activities to make more money. So, online casinos are using this option as a tool to attract more new customers. Since the offer is highly rewarding, the newbie players from all around the world are becoming members of such casinos. The size of the welcome bonus would vary with each casino. For instance, you would get 100% of your deposit as a bonus in some casinos while you will get only 50% in another. It is your choice to go with any of these. 

Referral bonus

In a casino that offers a referral bonus to its customers, you can get an additional amount on your account by adding a friend of yours to the same casino. For instance, let us assume that you have one or two friends who are thinking about joining an online casino. So, you can try letting them know about the casino where you are a member already. If they get convinced, they would try out the casino by depositing their initial deposit amount. Once they do so, the casino would reward you as you have brought the new people to the website. This bonus would be there for every referral you make and there are no limitations for the number of persons you bring in. 

No-deposit bonus

You would know that there would be a fixed initial deposit amount that every new player should pledge before being able to play a casino game on all of the casino websites out there. However, there would an exception from this if a casino offers a no-deposit bonus for the customers. If so, you can play the games directly without making a deposit. 


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