DIY Skincare Spa: How to Pamper Yourself from Home

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Skincare is an ever-growing industry. With revenues of $145.3 billion in 2020, the industry is expected to reach $185 billion in 2027.

A luxurious skincare spa day is wonderful for skincare treats. But a day at the spa can be very expensive and may leave you feeling stressed about money instead of relaxed.

Luckily, an at-home spa day is easy to do and affordable to enact. 

Let’s explore some of the best skincare routines for your entire body, so your body’s largest organ is left well-pampered and healthy.

Create the Right Skincare Spa Environment

First, to promote relaxation and healthy skin, start with the right environment.

Running your tub or shower at the hottest level will allow a nice steamy environment to form in your bathroom. Steam softens the pores in your skin, making it easier for mask treatments and skincare tools to work properly.

Spa Sciences features a great range of beauty devices, perfect for adding to your spa day.

Add some essential oils into your tub, and allow the relaxing scent of lavender or the invigorating smell of peppermint to fill your senses.

Apply Your Favorite Face Mask

After allowing the steam to permeate your pores for 15 minutes or more, apply a face mask.

With the range of face masks available on the market, there’s something for everyone. You can also try making your own face mask, or use an old favorite.

Remember, if you have any sensitivities or allergies, be sure to test a new face mask in a small area before you apply it to your face.

Use a Homemade Sugar Scrub

A head-to-toe skincare spa day can leave you feeling totally refreshed and luxuriously soft.

A homemade sugar scrub is an easy way to take care of dry skin while leaving you feeling soft and fresh. There are endless combinations of scents to play with. Sugar scrubs are also very easy to customize, so if you have any allergies, it’s easy to avoid products that irritate you.

Moisturize Hands and Feet

At-home skincare would not be complete without some attention to your hands and feet. Your feet and hands work hard for you, so show them some love with lots of moisturizing lotion. 

Spa socks and gloves can help hold in moisture as well, so lather up those appendages and let them soak up some lotion for an hour or so.

Use Spa Treatments to Improve Your Health

Taking care of your skin with a skincare spa day at home can have a seriously positive effect on your health.

Your skin is your body’s largest organ. It needs just as much care as any other part of your body but is often overlooked. Spending time caring for your skin leaves you feeling refreshed.

Taking the time to pamper yourself can also positively affect your mental health. By taking the time to relax, you allow your brain and body to recharge.

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