The Surprising Benefits Of Country Living

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For a long time, the trend was for the young and educated population to leave rural areas for big cities. But in 2018, one sociologist from the University of Minnesota discovered that people aged between 30 and 50 were returning to the rural areas, while the young people who had just graduated from high school were leaving small towns for urban areas. At the start of the 20th Century, agriculture ceased to be the main source of employment in rural areas, which forced young people to move to the cities in search of work. However, now things are different. Census data has been showing that people in their 30s, 40s and 50s have been returning to rural areas because, thanks to the presence of the internet, they can work from home now. Those who have made the move have been attracted by the many benefits that come with living in rural areas.

Healthier lifestyle

Moving to the country can help you improve both your mental and physical health. This is because living in the country comes with numerous health benefits. For example, the cleaner air in the country (due to a lack of pollution and plenty of greenery) means a reduced risk of heart diseases, respiratory illnesses and allergies, and better breathing. In the country, organic food is easily available, which can improve your concentration, increase your energy levels, and strengthen your immune system. Closeness to nature improves your mood, calms your nerves, increases vitality, and boosts your immunity. It also allows you to engage in outdoor activities such as climbing, camping, hiking, hunting and fishing. This will lead to better mental and physical health. Your psychological health will also be at its best because you will have less stress and be more relaxed when you live in the country.

Affordable lifestyle

Living in the country also helps you move towards a better financial situation because of the low cost of living. For instance, in rural areas, homes are more affordable than those in urban areas. Property taxes and income taxes are also lower than in urban areas. Finding a home or land to buy in rural areas has also become much easier: if you want to move to rural Texas, a Texas land search brings up a range of possibilities, and the same is true for other popular areas such as Montana and Nebraska. Again, the internet is making county living more accessible, and any area can be fully researched before you make a commitment. Living expenses in the country are also lower because things like goods and services, auto insurance, school tuition, household essentials and groceries cost less in rural areas.

Friendlier community

People in rural areas are friendly to each other, and are often helpful and supportive in times of need. When you move into a rural area, most people will be eager to meet you, and you will make friends easily. They will invite you to take part in community activities and local events. They will also be ready to lend a hand when you have a problem.

The country is also safer than the bigger cities, according to statistical data, and there is more space in rural areas. You can easily afford a bigger house with a large yard where your children and pets can play freely. There will also be less noise and increased privacy because of the large spaces between houses.

Undoubtedly, living in the country comes with a lot of benefits. If you decide to move to a rural area, you will not just enjoy great health: you will have beautiful views of mountains and water to feast your eyes on whenever you want. The clean unpolluted air and large spaces are certainly worth leaving the city for.


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