5 Things to Know About the CBD Cosmetics Market

CBD cosmetics
CBD cosmetics

As more and more helpful effects are being found for CBD, more and more people are using it than ever before. You might even use it yourself to treat pain or insomnia. 

But have you heard about CBD cosmetics? 

That’s right, as the 21st-century rolls on, more and more people are beginning to use CBD for skincare. You might not have heard of it yet, but the CBD cosmetics market is expected to grow fast in the next five years

This article will walk you through everything you need to know about the cosmetics market and how it relates to CBD. 

  1. The Practicals 

To understand the 2021 cosmetic market for CBD, it’s important to understand what the products can do

CBD is famous for its anti-inflammatory effects. This is not only great for treating pain but can treat common skin problems, like dryness, itching, and redness. Just imagine having a dry, itchy day — you could be applying CBD oil to yourself in the future.   But the practicals don’t stop there. 

CBD also has anti-oxidant properties, which can prevent blackheads. CBD might not only be able to heal skin afflictions but can make healthy skin shine as well.

On top of all of this, cannabidiol might be able to counteract the effects of such skin conditions as eczema, psoriasis, and acne. These effects aren’t confirmed quite yet, but CBD could very well revolutionize the skincare industry if they prove to be true. 

While nothing is sure quite yet, the science seems to be on CBD’s side. If CBD treatment for something as widespread as acne becomes commonplace, we may very well see the death of the stigma against CBD.

  1. The Law

While the stigma against CBD is dying, it’s not completely dead yet. The market for CBD skincare products is largely dependent on where CBD can be used in products. 

CBD is still banned or heavily restricted in Africa, The Middle East, Peru, Portugal, Norway, Brazil, Chile, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Russia, New Zealand, Australia, the list goes on and on. You probably won’t see CBD skincare products pop up in those countries for quite some time.   In the places where CBD is legal, however, there still will be certain regulations. In the United States, CBD in skincare products is allowed in places where marijuana is legalized for recreation. 

Companies have to be careful. CBD is often touted as a miracle drug, and the conception of it isn’t true. Companies have to be sure to inform consumers that their CBD skincare products exist to treat skin and make it more beautiful; they must avoid claiming that they can treat or prevent certain diseases. 

It’s highly unlawful and unethical for a company to confuse or mislead consumers about the efficiency of CBD. It’s also important to remember that we’re still discovering things about CBD, and there may be negative drawbacks that we haven’t discovered yet. 

The highly regulated nature of the skincare industry may keep certain companies from moving towards CBD. 

  1. Changing Fashion Trends

In the 21st century, fashion trends change fast. Something important to consider in the growth of the CBD cosmetics market is the growth of the cosmetics market. 

Skincare products are becoming more and more important in the contemporary world, and it’s suspected they might even eclipse makeup as far as cosmetics go. Many people who don’t wear makeup use skincare routines. 

As more and more people start to use skincare products, people are going to look for variety. This can work intersectionally with the decreased stigma and growing popularity of CBD. Fifty years ago, when fewer people took care of their skin and marijuana was seen as something more fringe and taboo, CBD skincare would most likely be unthinkable. 

Thinking about changing fashion trends will help you gain more insight into the market than one article can provide. You’ll predict future trends in the market, which can help invest or consider price changes. 

Speaking of price changes, this is an issue as well. The more and more demand that grows for skincare products, the more and more price goes up. CBD skincare products could very well become the elite skincare product on the market, and certain lower-income consumers might get priced out. 

  1. Key Players

One of the most important factors in understanding any market knows the key players in the market. The companies vary between companies that focus on CBD and those that focus on skincare. 

One of the top players in the market is the beauty company L’Oreal. They already have several products on their website that feature CBD and hemp seed oil. 

Another key player is Estee Lauder. This beauty company is a little more elite and sells CBD products that are a bit more expensive. Estee Lauder is a good example of how the market influences the prices of CBD products. 

Another key player is CBD biotech, which focuses more on CBD products. Biotech shows that people who are more invested in the CBD market than the beauty market might influence the beauty market anyway. 

  1. The Products Ingredients 

With all cosmetic products, people want to know what they’re putting on their bodies. While cbd gummies infused with melatonin always remains the same, the things they are put in are constantly changing. 

Secret Nature CBD has a great article about how cannabis derived terpenes provide some of the best effects on the market. 

Study the Cosmetics Market 

CBD and cosmetics are both growing industries in the 21st century. Not only that, the CBD cosmetics market is growing as well. Understanding how these industries work separately and together is very important in understanding the market. 

Once you’ve learned about the practicals, the law, changing fashion trends, key players, and the products’ ingredients. 

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