Tips for a Fun, Safe, and Healthy Destination Wedding

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Since 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has left a cloud of uncertainty in every aspect of our lives, but it certainly did not stop people from getting married. If you are planning a destination wedding this year, you may be wondering if it is ethical, especially with the increasing number of COVID-19 cases. While travelling these days is a nerve-racking experience, experts claim that travel is an exceptionally personal choice right now. For couples who are planning to hold their wedding in another country, they must make the choice for themselves if they feel safe enough to travel. 

Whether you are travelling locally or internationally, there are many things you can do to protect yourself and your loved one’s health from COVID-19 while creating joyful memories. 

Do Your Homework 

You can also rely on Google if you want to learn about the travel guidelines and health and safety regulations set by your chosen country. As the virus continues to impact different areas across the world, popular wedding destinations have heightened protocols and limit non-essential travels to control the transmission of the coronavirus. Strict observance of the protocols can seriously affect or potentially cancel certain activities. Staying on top of the current events and heeding the advice of infectious disease experts, like the World Health Organization (WHO). When planning your wedding, always make health and safety your top priorities during these precedent times. 

Keep the Communication Lines Open

When booking a destination wedding in Ontario, Canada, you need to communicate with several different businesses, like Hamilton wedding videography agencies, hotels, airlines, event planning specialists in Toronto, and popular wedding destinations. Establish open communication with everyone involved in the wedding during the planning process. Hiring travel agents or agencies can help consolidate the booking process as they are more knowledgeable in handling your requests and answering your concerns. 

Consider purchasing travel insurance. In case your trip is cancelled for some reason, you will get some reimbursement from the insurance provider. Some travel insurance policies cover overseas medical care, trip interruptions, and unexpected snafus due to the pandemic. These hot commodities in 2020 will continue until the next years. Before purchasing travel insurance, make sure to read the fine print carefully or talk to a trusted insurance provider about your concerns. 

Cover Your Financial Bases

Before travelling abroad for your wedding, be sure to do the following to protect your finances:

  • Notify the financial establishments, like banks, about your travel plans to prevent any suspicion of fraud on your debit or credit card activities abroad. 
  • Find out the conversion rates and fees on your card. Make sure that your destination country accepts the cards you plan to use. 
  • Have at least a day’s worth of the local currency ready in case of an emergency.
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  • Tend to Your Health

Book an appointment with your healthcare provider to check and accomplish all required vaccinations and immunizations before your departure. Refer to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website to check the list of all the health requirements of each country. 

It is also a good idea to keep a personal medical information form in your passport with all the list of food and drug allergies, current medications, health insurance providers and other essential health facts.

Do not forget to pack a good supply of OTC pain medications, including anti-diarrhea, allergy, cold, and nausea medications, as well as hand sanitizer, face masks, sunscreen, and insect repellent in your carry-on bag. 

  • Pack Smart  

Whether you’re travelling to your destination by car or rent a coach charter in Toronto or other Ontario wedding destinations, make sure you have everything you need. Research the weather at your destination wedding to know what type of clothes to pack. Don’t forget your first aid kit, toiletries, hand sanitizers, and masks along with important wedding paraphernalia. However, leave your valuable items at home. 

  •  Keep Yourself Hydrated

Chances are you are going to spend hours outdoors preparing for your destination wedding. Increase your water consumption to stay hydrated if you are planning to stay outdoors during a hot sunny day. If you are travelling in a country where tap water is unsafe to drink, purchase extra bottled water or bring a reusable water bottle to keep your body healthy and refreshed at all times.

  • Bring Your Supplements

You will never know how your body will react to the foods served in the country. Trying out new cuisines can potentially lead to constipation or diarrhea. Make sure to bring whichever supplements help relieve digestion problems and ensure you get proper nutritional intake. 

  • Stay Vigilant in Public or Crowded Places

Travelling to your destination can potentially get you in contact with strangers in public places, such as the airport or service page. Protect yourself by keeping your face mask on, distancing yourself and others at least six apart, and washing your hands or disinfecting your hands with an alcohol or hand sanitizer. 

Being proactive in observing safety and health rules and regulations is the key to a safe and successful destination wedding. 

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