Pranks To Do During A Completely Uneventful Day


When ordinary people think of pranks, they probably think about April Fools’ Day. But that’s a cliche already in itself, isn’t it? During April Fools’, people expect to be pranked, making people more cautious in believing the strangeness in their surroundings. It will be more challenging for pranksters to pull off pranks that they want to do during this day. Here’s a secret that self-imposed pranksters don’t tell you about: you can prank ANYONE YOU LIKE at ANY TIME OF THE YEAR! Yes, that’s right. You don’t only make pranks once the clock strikes twelve and the calendar transitions from March 31st to April 1, only to be busted by your victim because they already see it coming! 

So what do you do in a day where there’s no occasion? You make one! You can always add a little excitement to your day with pranks because if no one else will do it, then who will? Now read on to find out ten prank ideas that you can do to spice up a day of no special occasion!

1. Slashed Tires

Is your friend a fan of Guns n Roses? If yes, they would appreciate this prank more. And if not, just may sure they know Slash to make the joke work. When out with a friend to a coffee shop or wherever tell them you will just be out in a bit. You must have a printed photo of the guitarist Slash and a piece of tape to stick it over the tire. Once you come back to your friend, tell them in a very alarming manner that their car tire has been “slashed” and they had to see it in an instant. Of course, this will keep their adrenaline rushing, and your conscience will kick a little because of it, be you need to stay in the act! Once they see the photo hanging by the tire, you can now burst into the laughter that you have been holding in the past few minutes. 

Tip: make sure that the tape is super sticky! You wouldn’t want it to be blown away by the wind and stand in humiliation because the tires aren’t either slashed or “Slashed”!

2. Shower Head Flavors

When you think about water, it’s just….water. Tasteless, colorless, scentless, nothing special. Plain – just like your day. You can turn those two around and make it flavorful by adding ingredients into your shower head. We’re talking tiny amounts of Kool-Aid, beef or chicken broth, or even tasty roast beef (as other people do it.) This is perfect if you share the shower with someone else like your siblings, your roommate, or your significant other. It’s better when you know when they typically shower so you can prepare beforehand. They’ll be surprised by how much flavor you will bring to their day. How thoughtful of you!

3. Surprise Alarm Clocks

Whether you are asleep or awake, you will always be startled by the sudden obnoxious ringing of alarm clocks – wherever you may be! So if you have such an eventful day and you have a few bucks to spare – or just happen to have a bunch of alarm clocks hidden casually somewhere, then this would be such a fun (yet very noisy) prank to make! Just set the alarm clocks all at the same time and hide them in places in your school, office, home, or wherever you may be. Once they start ringing, anyone would hear it would be baffled yet annoyed enough to ask why it’s even in places where they are placed!

4. Baby Oil Toes

This prank is a bit cruel, so we suggest you don’t do this to someone who badly needs that good night’s sleep. Legend says that if you add a few (3-4 drops or more ) of baby oil to someone else’s toes, they will spend the whole night subconsciously trying to get rid of it at different times throughout the night – causing them not to sleep comfortably. We told you, this is exceptionally cruel! But if it is of any help, they wouldn’t know it’s you because who would blame anyone for a bit of oil in their toes, right? They might think they might have stepped on it before sleeping or something else. Don’t forget to ask them how they slept the following day!

5. Jello Cocktails

Any night or day could be unique with the right amount of special drinks. Except, they aren’t drinks but just colored Jello placed on fancy cocktail glasses. You get the idea; just make sure to prepare this beforehand to let the Jello solidify fully. You can even invite friends over for some “drinks” that you are making. They would think you’re such a peach for being so thoughtful. If you’re going to do that, don’t forget to give them some consolation for coming over! Like, real drinks to serve! You don’t want to be mean to your visitors, don’t you? 

6. Prank Calls

Prank calls are a classic way to spice up any dull afternoon. No, you will not be calling random strangers and telling them that you have a rotting corpse in your backyard. (Though that might be too extreme, LOL!) It’s the 21st century; prank calls are way more sophisticated right now! In the age of Teslas, Alexas, and smartphones – you will need a trusty prank call app for your genius and epic prank calls!

The master in the game of prank calling is Ownage Pranks. If you want to prank anyone you like without getting caught, they are your guy! Not only do they assign you an unknown caller ID to keep your number hidden from your friends and family (AKA.: your victims,)  they will also not recognize your voice with its fantastic selection of characters in their online soundboard. Can’t think of any prank scenario to make? No problem! Their prank call app also has tons of pre-made scripts, so you will never run out of things to tell your victims. Cool, huh?

Aren’t apps so life-changing? If you are interested in developing a mobile app like Ownage Pranks, you can check out an essential guide here.

7. Sneeze Spray

People become more sensitive to other people’s, er- saliva because of the shock of the global pandemic. Just imagine how horrified they will be once someone sneezes on them! Of course, you will not be sneezing on them directly. You will need a spray bottle with water to do this prank. Once your germophobic friend (or just any friend who knows hygiene) has their back turned against you, you can immediately make an obnoxious sneezing sound and swiftly spray on an area of their back with visible skin. Yes, you will need to spray it on their visible skin to feel it and think that it is snot or saliva. This will probably make them instantly furious at you, so make sure to show them the spray bottle before any form of violence arises!

8. Ghost Remote

You can find any free universal remote app on the internet and use it to control your home television. Well, you will need to get yourself acquainted with this beautiful app first and try testing it when no one’s looking just to see exactly how it works. Once you got a hold of its functions, you can now do many fun things with it, like switching to the shopping channel during a climax of a show that your dad is watching. You can also just keep switching channels every five minutes just to mess with anyone who’s watching. You can turn off the TV, suddenly play some music, and whatever it is that your TV can, function for! Just make sure to keep your actions inconspicuous not to reveal the master of controls, which is yourself. 

9. I Am Resigning

A dull day at work? Use the office printer to print that resignation letter you drafted and send it to your superiors or inferiors. (Especially the most hardworking ones, and those you are closest to) The narrative can go something like this: you won the lottery and would no longer need to work a single day of your life. You can also tell them that you have lots of inheritance from your low-maintenance sugar daddy. Whatever feels right and funny to you is already a good reason! Just make sure to put the words “THIS IS A PRANK” in noticeable characters just behind your “resignation letter” or “memo” to avoid losing your job for real!

10. Tasty Toiletries

A typical day may require an ordinary bath with regular soap, everyday shampoo, standard conditioner while soaked in tap water. You can switch things up by changing your roommate’s shampoo into cooking oil, their conditioner into mayonnaise. If you think this is too much, just remember that mayonnaise is seldom used as a legitimate hair mask, so you are, in fact doing their tresses a favor!

These are the ten ways to make a completely uneventful day into an exciting day filled with practical jokes. We can’t wait for you to try these things. So good luck and happy pranking!


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