Whiteboard Markers: How to Choose the Right Marker

Whiteboard Markers

Thousands of people use a whiteboard marker daily in corporate organisations, colleges, schools, and universities. Whiteboard marker was first launched in the 90s, but there is still a lack of correct information. Whiteboards have been accepted and are consumed in almost every field to discuss, innovate and create ideas. However, picking a suitable whiteboard marker is always challenging. Anyone will lose their cool if the marker stops working in between a critical discussion. Therefore, it is always wise to first check a marker’s reviews before purchasing it from a store. 

In this post, every piece of information will get covered related to whiteboard markers. So, stick till the end if you want to know how to buy the best markers. 

Are there different categories of whiteboard markers?

There are permanent and semi-permanent markers that you can commonly find in the market. If you exactly need to scribble on a whiteboard, you need chalk markers, also known as dry erase markers.  Although these markers are available in a liquid form, they dry out quickly, giving a chalk-like texture on the whiteboard. These markers come with either a thick tip or a thin tip. 

What kind of marker do you need?

Most markers that you find in the market have a round pointed tip. The thickness of the marker varies, and so you must decide which marker you want to use. If you use a thin tip marker on the whiteboard, you must ensure that you write big and precise words for the viewer to read. Usually, organisations and universities pick the classic black marker with a medium to thick tip for writing or drawing on the whiteboard. 

But it entirely depends on your personal choice about which marker you would prefer to use. If you wish to make your discussion more interactive and involving, you could always pick different coloured markers for highlighting specific necessary points during the discussion. 

What are the different colours of whiteboard markers available in the market, and what do they symbolise? 

Commonly, you will find black, blue, green and red markers in the market. Some other colours found in popular brands are pink, brown, purple, and orange. The standard colours are used for a particular purpose. 

  • Blue and Black: A blue or black marker is for writing and drawing on the whiteboard. These colours are popular because they are visible from a distance as well. 
  • Red:  This colour is used to highlight an error or a problem in the idea. When discussing a plan, a red marker is often used for highlighting potential risks and issues in the project.
  • Green: A green marker is used to differentiate between different contexts on the whiteboard. This colour is used for highlighting points that are contrary to one another. 

Other colours such as orange, yellow, pink and brown are used for highlighting the critical information of any discussion of the topic.

There are so many companies that produce whiteboard markers. But it would be best if you always looked for a marker that lasts longer and does not get dry quickly. If you wish to buy a whiteboard marker, then you can promptly look for it on eCommerce websites or at a stationery store in your locality. But, make sure you don’t forget to check any product reviews before you buy and see how many people have shown their interest in buying it.


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