How to Improve Vocabulary for Writing? – 2021 guide


Writing can be an amazing skill to have. But for it to be truly effective, you need to have the right type of tools. 

One of the most important tools when it comes to writing, is to have an extensive vocabulary. Think of vocabulary as the paints you need to use to finish a painting. You can use as little or as much you want to convey the message you want. But in the end, the paints are crucial to your painting, which is the same for vocabulary when it comes to your writing skills.

Why should I improve my vocabulary?

The more words you know, the better you will be able to convey an idea, message, or emotion. You can manipulate sentences in a way that is to your liking, and you can adjust the sentences according to the situation or context.

But for you to be able to say the same thing in different ways, you need to have a good enough vocabulary that will help you do so. 

When it comes to paper writers, they make it a point to have an expansive vocabulary that makes an impact on their writing skills. 

It is crucial to improve your vocabulary if you are planning to write for different types of audiences. 

Ways for improving vocabulary for writing purposes

There are lots of effective strategies you can employ to improve your vocabulary. Here are some of our favorite ones that have proven to show great results and are also easy to execute. These tips are not only effective solutions to improving your vocabulary but are also quite enjoyable to apply:

  • Learn a new word every day. This doesn’t simply mean finding out a new word and it’s meaning daily. For you to remember the word and have it engraved in memory, you have to make it a point to use at least 3 times. You can either write three sentences or use them in a conversation or a mixture of both. But you must use the word for it to be added to your vocabulary list.


  • Use a thesaurus. These days we have everything we need on our phones, so there is no real need to carry around a thesaurus. You can download an app, and then look up words you already know to find out more similar words. You should again try to use these new synonyms in your everyday conversation. 


Fun tip: Try to make the sentence humorous. This is guaranteed to make you remember the word.


  • Read poetry or listen to music. Poetry involves a very artistic use of words and vocabulary, and so does music but only if you concentrate on the lyrics. By reading poetry or listening to music, you will have a better idea of how you can use certain words you might already know. It is better to choose poets and artists who are known to have a way with words.




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