Why Outsourcing Is Now the Norm


The last 24 months have added to the existing trend of businesses looking to outsourced professionals rather than traditional employees. As the economy shrank and business risks increased, it was imperative for most businesses to find ways to cut costs and make financial savings. Using professionals from outside the business can create savings, but also allows your business access to the best available skills.

Lean manufacturing, flexible specialization and outsourcing have all been ways for your business to focus on the core that it does best. There is thus a long history of the trend towards outsourcing, but the last year and a half has forced many businesses and sectors to take the plunge and outsourcing has become the norm for more businesses, for a wider range of business functions than ever before.

One of the most significant examples of this has been the demand for professional HR services as many of the traditional face-to-face interactions between HR departments and personnel have become redundant. The HR Outsourcing industry is expected to grow almost 5% between 2020 and 2027 to be worth more than $45 billion by 2027.

Outsourcing has also become more commonplace than ever before and here is why:

Technological innovation

The ability to monitor, manage and manipulate operations and logistics of an enterprise from a remote location has meant that outsourcing any element of a business is now possible.  The technology for remote working has improved to allow remote workers to be as productive if not more so than their office-based counterparts. By harnessing such technological innovation and outsourcing certain processes, businesses are able to improve efficiency and incorporate holistic services into their outsourcing experience. Tech-based access to global software and professionals who can now be based anywhere is the world yet contribute to your localized business success is now the norm and with these technological advances, outsourcing has become easier and more widespread.

Skilled partners

Rather than trying to provide the latest skills and qualifications and conduct training in-house, there is a growing demand from businesses to draw on the expertise of external partners. These outsourced consultants are up to date with the latest qualifications, technology and psychological, behavioral trends. Thus, rather than having to hire talent, you will be able to use it as and when you need it.

Adapting to changes

Keeping up to date with the latest regulations and trends in business management can be difficult and costly. Making mistakes with regard to functions such as HR, finance and taxes can cause your business severe losses. Having access to professionals in these fields is an easy way to manage the functions as well as ensuring reduced costs and lessened business risks.

Outsourcing has moved on, and the available technology will allow your business to access exactly what you need when you need it. You must do your research and determine precisely exactly what the business needs before you look to outsource. It is, however, a growing trend, and should you not consider how your business can benefit from this, you may be left behind by your competitors.


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