How Can Technology Benefit Your Career? 


Although you might believe that technology will be a hindrance more than a help when it comes to your career, with many people thinking that robots will take over their jobs and finding it difficult to keep up with new technology, technology can also have a number of benefits for your career. This article will explore some of the top ways that you can harness the tech tools that are available to you in order to reach your career goals. 


  • Helps You Create a Career Plan


If you are only just starting to consider the type of career that you would like to have, or if you are currently thinking of changing your career, you should use technology to help you to create an in-depth career plan. There are many tech tools that can help you to do this. For instance, there are an assortment of career websites online that can give you a host of information about the types of roles that are available, as well as the skills that you will need for them and their salaries. These websites can then help you to shape your career plan and to decide what the next steps that you need to take are. 

As well as these career websites, there are many online career quizzes that can help anyone that is clueless about what job options are out there and what they might like to do. These career quizzes can help to match you with a job that suits your skillset and can encourage you to think of roles that you might never have considered before. 

Technology can also help you to create a career plan, as many career advisors now work online. By using tools such as video conferencing software and email, you will be able to discuss your options with experts who have a detailed knowledge of your industry and the best pathways to success. They will also be able to help you to streamline your resume and make it attractive to employers at first sight. 


  • Take Online Courses 


However, many career options that you might be interested in now require you to have a degree or an equivalent qualification. This is because employers want to know that you have the right skills and knowledge to take on a certain role without excessive training. Then, once you have decided on a career that you think would be suitable for you, you should consider using technology to help you to learn new skills and knowledge about your chosen industry. 

There are many online videos and tutorials that can help you to study up the basics of your job role. These can be useful when you simply want to brush up on skills that you already have or if you need a starting point to work from. 

To make sure that employers recognize your hard work, though, you should consider taking online courses that can leave you with desirable qualifications at the end of your period of study. Although you might not always be able to complete these courses in person due to the location of the university in question, technology can allow you to take a qualification, such as Suffolk University’s MBA Online Program, without once having to go to the physical campus. This study option can be perfect for those who have other commitments or who want to work around their study. These courses include seminars and lectures, as well as digital resources that will enable you to complete assignments at a high level. 


  • Search for Jobs 


Once you have got all the skills that you need under your belt, technology can also help you to search for the best jobs in your area and beyond. One of the advantages of using technology to do this is that you will be able to find out about a wider variety of jobs in your sector without having to search for these individually or contact the company in question. You will also be able to find positions across the world by changing your location on these websites. 

One of the best ways to find jobs using technology is to sign up to online job boards such as Indeed and Reed. These job boards are industry-neutral and allow you to see the salary and employee reviews of certain companies. There are also many more industry-specific job websites that can allow you to find out about available roles within the industry that you want to head into without having to filter out lots of irrelevant job openings. 

You can also search for jobs online by looking at company websites. Many companies having a careers link at the bottom of their main page that will allow you to browse the current open positions with that company and to apply for them directly. 


  • Network Online 


Once you have started to get established within your industry, or if you are looking to get in the back door of your sector, you will know how important networking is if you want to find out about the latest jobs, meet people who can open doors for you, and learn about the latest developments within your industry. 

However, in-person networking events are not for everybody, especially if you are a shy person. Not only this, but you might not always be able to find a local networking group or a networking group for your industry near where you live. Therefore, you should consider using technology to network with other professionals. You can do this by signing up for digital networking groups and events. This will help you to learn more information about your industry in the form of workshops and conferences while also allowing you to be in the same digital space as the top professionals in your sector. 

You might also decide to create a professional social media account for yourself as this can allow you to be found by potential employers and to follow the careers of others, as well as to contact the people that you admire directly. You can also use the business tags on non-professional social media websites to find the people talking about the subjects and careers that you are interested in. This could potentially help you to get inside information as well as tips and tricks. 


  • Use Apps


If you want to stay connected at all times, though, you should consider downloading applications onto your mobile that could be useful for your career. For instance, many people decide to use productivity apps regularly. These apps can help you to succeed at any stage of your career. For instance, they can not only help you to stop procrastinating when you are in the workplace, but they can also help you to set targets in terms of how many jobs you want to apply for each day. 

Productivity apps are not the only ones that could be helpful to you, though. For instance, calendar apps can ensure that you never miss a meeting or an interview again. They can also allow you to monitor your deadlines and to arrange your workload with these deadlines in mind. These apps can then allow you to be a model employee, opening you up to promotions and pay rises. 

You might also consider downloading an organization app. These can allow you to keep track of all your projects and every single aspect of your workload. They can also help you to keep notes and lists together and ensure that you can tick all of your to-do list activities off one by one. This can then allow you to stay on top of everything that you need to do in a busy working environment. 

If you want to work from anywhere, though, you should consider using software such as the cloud. The cloud allows you to store important documents securely and to retrieve these documents from a variety of different devices. By using the cloud, you will be able to access the software that you need from anywhere as long as you have a device with you. 


  • Attend Interviews Remotely


If you are trying to find a job in a distant location, such as if you are planning to work abroad or move for your career, it can be difficult to juggle the different aspects of the interview process. However, rather than having to constantly travel in order to try and secure a job, which can be a waste of time and money, technology can help you to land the job of your dreams without moving a muscle. 

This is because many employers are now conducting remote interviews due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and some of these employers will be continuing to conduct interviews remotely for a long time to come. Then, you should consider suggesting a remote interview or looking for job openings that can allow you to use video conferencing software in order to speak face-to-face with your potential future employer. 


  • Gives Flexible Working Opportunities 


However, one of the most revolutionary outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic for the world of work is the transition to remote working. Although remote working is not always ideal for some people, especially if they are social butterflies or are prone to procrastination, the rise of remote working can open you up to many different work opportunities by ensuring that you are not barred from certain roles due to your location. This is especially important if you live in a rural area or if your industry is centered in a certain part of the country. Not only this, but many employers are also starting to see the advantage of flexible working opportunities for their employees, including better productivity. 

Then, you should consider speaking to your employer about the option of remote working. If you are currently looking for a job, you should also consider looking for remote roles. Although these are mostly found on normal job sites, there are also many career websites that have been developed with working from home in mind. Not only this, but if you are looking for remote work, you might also consider searching for freelance roles, which can often be performed from any location. 


  • Find Information About Your Industry 


Lastly, technology can be a great tool for those that need to conduct research into their industry. By performing a quick Google search, you will get millions of relevant search results that can help you to find out more about the state of your industry. This can allow you to answer interview questions in detail and can ensure that you have put the right information on your resume. Researching your industry online can also help you to boost your knowledge and stay up to date when you finally get the job of your dreams. 

You can also use the internet to find out information about the companies that you are interested in working for. For instance, you can find out more about their values and company culture, the type of roles that they have available, their hiring process, what they do, and even their financial position. This can help you to discover companies that you might be interested in working for, as well as the steps that you need to take to make your employment dreams become a reality. 

Succeeding in your career is notoriously difficult, and most people will have to work hard for years to get the role of their dreams. However, technology can make this difficult road just a little bit easier. This is because it can give you all the tools that you need to find out information about the career that you have in mind, look for job roles, and even ensure that you are able to perform your job responsibilities well when you do achieve your career goals. There is no one way to use technology to benefit your career, though. Using this article, you will be able to find the best way to use technology in order to push yourself forward on your own career path and find success. 



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