Study Australia: Degrees, Requirements & Costs

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The “Study in Australia” project is a great opportunity for many students to internationalize their university degree and gain new experience at a university or TAFE. The conditions for studying at Australian universities are excellent, even if the tuition fees for international students in this country are unfortunately not exactly low. In addition, the study abroad should be well planned, which is why careful research on this important and sometimes quite complex topic is highly recommended.

Degree from Uni & TAFE

Australia provides different kinds of courses and degrees for students through universities and TAFEs. Those who opt for a classic university course enroll at one of the 39 Australian universities. After only two years it is possible to obtain an academic degree with the associate degree. Furthermore, when studying in Australia, it is much easier to acquire further interdisciplinary training, as it is not only the subject or the combination of subjects that is decisive here, but the level of the degree completed. Therefore, even those who have completed their training can visit universities and continue their education as they wish.

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The next higher degree is the Bachelor ( undergraduate degree / 3-4 years). This gives you the option of completing a Master’s ( postgraduate degree / 1-2 years) or with other postgraduate degrees, such as the Graduate Certificate (6-month advanced course for Bachelor graduates), the Graduate Diploma (12-month specialization course for Bachelor graduates) Graduates) or the Bachelor of Honors (12-month postgraduate course for Bachelor graduates). To briefly demonstrate the flexibility of the university system, the following example:

The typical teaching qualification is the 4-year Bachelor of Education (implies subject-specific studies, methodology, didactics seminars, practical experience, etc.). However, it is also possible to complete an ordinary bachelor’s degree in any subject and then enroll in a postgraduate course (PGDE: Postgraduate Diploma of Education). Which way you choose to become a teacher doesn’t matter. When studying, you almost always have the opportunity to go several ways so as not to get stuck somewhere or at some point to realize that what you started is actually not what you want. For a master’s degree, depending on the subject, you have to add 1.5 to 2 years to the bachelor’s degree, and for a Ph.Dabout another three years. Here you can find out more about the degrees and the Australian education system.

Conditions & costs

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Requirements (vary according to degree program and degree):

To study in Australia, you have to meet the requirements, such as:

  • Holding a suitable visa
  • Having adequate finances
  • Purchasing an OSHC health insurance
  • Some universities require proof of the required English skills depending on the course of study, which can be determined, for example, by means of an IELTS test
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Tuition fees (vary according to degree program and degree):

You can assess for yourself whether the cheaper or more expensive variant applies in your own case, as the price increases with the complexity of the course (e.g. humanities, business administration, law cheaper; engineering or medicine more expensive).

Undergraduate: 10,000 AUD – 16,500 AUD per year

Postgraduates + Ph.D: 9,000 AUD – 18,500 AUD per year (depending on the university, studying medicine can easily cost more than 25,000 $ A per year.)

Tips & hints

Here are some tips and hints for studying in Australia:

  • With the visa for schoolchildren, students and trainees, you can work 20 hours a week during the semester and as much as you like during the semester break;
  • There is an easy way to find all courses with the corresponding universities – Course Finder;
  • Students in different universities in Australia can apply for different kinds of scholarships;
  • Australia has many famous tourist attractions. You can take a short trip in your free time;
  • CatEight is a comprehensive course search and application platform that provides a lot of useful information about studying abroad. You can visit the platform to know more about the study.


Studying in Australia will be a rewarding journey. You will get a lot from the study: professional knowledge, useful skills, unique experience, unforgettable journey, the ability to live independently, and more. With all these, you will be a better person and have a brighter future.

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