What Do You Mean By Level 2 Electrician? Why Do You Need One?


Are you looking for someone for the electrician job? Is there something that you are facing trouble with? Then it is important for you to call the highly qualified electrician who can provide you the best services. If you think that you can do all your electrical work alone at home then you are wrong! A person who does not have much knowledge about electrical items should never ever think of repairing that. If you try on your own, it can be very risky, and you may have lost your life. 

That is why a person needs to call the specialized person for that work, who takes all the safety measures. You also need to check whether the work you need to call the electrician is simple or something complex. If there is something that a normal or regular electrician cannot solve, you have to call the Level 2 Electrician GreenwichNow, there will be some people who do not know about Level 2 Electricians, and if you also do not know about it and how it is different from the regular electrician, you can check out this article!!

What is a Level 2 electrician?

If you talk about the Level 2 electrician, you should know he is the one with more knowledge and more qualification about technical and electrical work. They are different from the regular electrician that you call at home. They know how you connect or disconnect the power from the electrical network. 

To become a level 2 electrician, you need to acquire some special knowledge, and they must be an accredited/ authorized service provider in handling the contestable works. There are many electrician companies that provide you these series, so if you are looking for a level 2 electrical contractor who has a license for the installation and repair; it is because it is the job that does require some major electrical work, so you need to have more knowledge about it.

What do you mean by an ASP?

An ASP means Authorized and Accredited Service Provider, an electrician who is certified by the electricity authority of Australia. It has the certain qualification, and there are three different types of ASP which include-

Level 1- These are the electricians consisting of constructing and installing the electricity distribution so that they can enable the provision of connection services of the consumer. The services that are provided by the Level 1 electrician is-

  • The stringing and laying of electricity cables and joining them

Level 2- There are different types of ASP electrician under level 2, which includes-

  • Class 2 A connect and disconnect the connection of lines; it is the type of work that is most needed in the building because you need the upgrade in the mains, maintenance, repairs, and even there are many defects that need to be repaired.
  • Class 2 B works on the underground wiring system and service conductor: they install and connect the underground services, upgrade or reallocate the underground service line, and help restore the supply. It also connects and disconnects the connection point and also replaces the device which protects services.
  • Class 2 C works on the overhead services, including the connection service line and its installation. It also provides many other services, such as upgrading the service line and connecting and disconnecting the service line of overhead.
  • Class 2 D is the energizing network that operates the service equipment and includes the service protection devices. It helps in connecting and disconnecting the service equipment at the connecting point. And also, install, remove and replace the protection device.

Level 3- If we talk about the Level 3 ASP, they are only concerned with the distribution’s design network. They are not authorized or qualified to do any work related to electricity such as connecting the network or installing it. The types of Level 3 electrician includes-

  • Class 3A works or designs the overhead electricity reticulation.
  • Class 3 B works on the design of underground reticulation of electricity.

Need of Level 2 Electrician

There are several reasons which will explain to you that why you need the Level 2 Electrician, Greenwich, and those points are mentioned below-

Install and supply the customer private pole- People require the Level 2 Electrician because they supply and install the private pole for the customers. It is not the work that a regular electrician can do in your house. It needs fixing and connections, which require experience and knowledge about the work. The installation requires perfect qualification about the cables so that they can be connected to the connecting points, and if anything goes wrong, it can affect the person’s life. That is why it is important to have a Level 2 electrician who has knowledge and qualification for these kinds of work.

Customer mains upgrades- These are the upgrades that need to be done when the existing system of wire is damaged, or the point of connection does not comply. There can be any problem with the wiring, or it can even feel extra stressed if there is an increase in the load. But if you will call the Level 2 Electrician, then they will be there to help you out in that situation. It is because they are specialized or experienced in doing these things. They have complete knowledge about the upgrades that need to be done and installing the things which are required.

Overhead and underground services- There are many times when people require the electricians to do the overhead and underground services. To install those services, it is important to call the level 2 electrician; they know how to do it. If you are building a house, you will require electricity, and they will be there to help you out and supply you the electricity such as T.V and other lighting that you need in the house. They have complete knowledge about it and will do everything they can to provide you with the best services.

You may have got pretty much an idea about everything related to Level 2 Electrician Greenwich and why you need them, or how they can be beneficial.


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