10 Mistakes to Avoid When You’re Decorating Your House

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Decorating a house is all about getting the wall paint right, bringing in the right furniture, accessorizing it well, and making the space look perfect. But many times, what we perceive as good, could be an interior decoration disaster to a designer. People often use complex colors, too many decorative items in an impulse to beautify the space. Let’s discuss some top interior designing mistakes that we all should avoid. 

1. Don’t Choose Wall Colors First- Wall paints are available in varied colors and tones, so first pick the most expensive piece of furniture like l shape sofa set for the living room, so basis the color of the sofa fabric, curtains, and rugs you choose the wall color and not vice-a-versa.

  1. Don’t Choose Small Rugs- Lot of us use small size rugs in the living room and have only the center coffee table sit on it. This is a big mistake. The size of the rug should be big enough to have the complete furniture sit on it, this adds pizazz to the room.
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3. Don’t Over Do Accessories-  In a bid to make our house look stylish, we end up displaying too many things. We hang artwork, photo frames, and clocks, everything in the same room, sometimes on the same wall! This is a big design mistake. Choose only a single accessory as a focal point in a room. 

4. Don’t Hang Pendant Light Too Low – Pendant lights can transform a simple room into a classy room in no time. A lot of people hang a pendant light just above the dining table set 6 seater, while it creates a beautiful effect, but hanging it too low can have the light fall only on a specific part of the table. For wider illumination, hang pendant light slightly higher. 

  1. Don’t Hang Short Curtains- A lot of us decorate windows with short curtains, it makes the window and the room look half-dressed. It’s ok to use longer drapes even for windows it creates an impression of bigger space. 
  1. Don’t Add Too Many Throw Pillows– Undoubtedly throw pillows are a great accessory for your couch but adding too many of them will leave you with no place to sit comfortably. Add just enough pillows and cushions.
  1. Don’t Place Furniture Pinned to The Wall– This is a common mistake that’s observed in most households. The furniture is often pushed against the wall especially in the living room. Don’t do this mistake, unless you don’t have a well-finished sofa back that you want to hide. 
  1. Don’t Collect Things and Clutter the Room- Most of us can’t partway from hand-down furniture or an antique clock that our grandma gave. Don’t hesitate to do away with things that are of no use and are contributing to the clutter.  
  1. Don’t Hesitate to Experiment- We all like to play safe, but don’t be afraid to be experimental with bright colors on walls and fabric. Unless you try it, you won’t know what look suits you the best.
  1. Don’t Choose Style Over Function- There may be exceptionally-looking items available in the market, but they may not be very functional, so don’t get lured and squander your money.
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