Tips to Choosing CPA Review Courses


If you want to pursue a career path as a public accountant, there are so many educational pathways and certification exams you have to get through first. CPA professionals have shared that the CPA exam is not easy, and it is best to try to take as many review courses as possible. 

With so many learning platforms available now, it can be challenging to choose the review course you want to sign up for. 

Moreover, you don’t want to settle for a substandard course and end up underperforming for the exam. When choosing a CPA exam course, it is essential to check the course curriculum and the faculty involved. Their qualifications will give you a fair idea about what to expect in the course 

So, to make your choice easier, it is essential to consider the five tips below.

1. Consider How You Learn Best

When looking at different CPA review courses, consider the method of learning they offer and determine if it fits in with how you like to learn. Some courses chronologically provide the information, and as you proceed further, the lessons can steadily get difficult for you to understand. 

Other courses offer the information in a personalized manner so that you can decide what you want to learn first and take more in understanding the critical chapters. Ensure that the review platform you sign up for has practice exams, videos, and even audio lectures to maintain versatility in the curriculum.

2. Look for Practice Exams

No matter the course you sign up for, it is vital to choose the one with a practice exam included. Nothing else in your review information will cover the CPA test as this exam will. 

Ensure that the exam has a timer too to know how to pace yourself for the actual exam as you will be timed. The practice should also utilize Microsoft Excel as this is the accounting software of choice that is covered for your certification.

3.Pay Attention to How Long You Have Access

Many review courses offer the course for a lifetime once you sign up. This is great, considering you might want to share the course with a close friend or a family member planning to prepare for the CPA exam.

A few review courses only offer you their material for a short amount of time, which might not be a favorable choice for many, so this is essential to review. 

Make sure that you plan for a course that will let you pace yourself when you want to study. After that, it is up to you to determine if you will have access to the information again later in life when you need to reference something in your professional career.

4. Search for Those with Support

Even if you are an independent learner, you can benefit from the support of others who are also preparing for the course. If you do not learn well from your classmates, some review courses even offer mentors or personalized support systems. 

You can ask questions, discuss tips and ideas and find innovative ways to help each other learn. Make sure that there is also a robust customer support system in place so that your needs are met in a timely fashion.

5. Never Forget the Price

Finally, you need to be honest with yourself when looking for a review course and pay attention to the pricing. Consider your budget, and only sign up for something that you know will be value for money.

Your money will go a long way when doing this, as some of these review opportunities can cost upwards of thousands of dollars. Make sure that your class will fully prepare you to pass so that you do not have to retake the course or even retake the exam later on.

Start Studying!

Becoming a certified accountant is a wonderful achievement for many individuals across the world. It takes so much hard work to receive your CPA certification and begin the career that you have a passion for. 

To ensure that you prepare yourself well and pass, use the tips above to sign up for a CPA course that will help you fully prepare for the CPA exam.


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