PEMF (Pulsed electromagnetic field) mat uses small bursts of electro-magnetic radiation to promote healing in body tissues and bones, and to promote the organs to self heal and reduce pain and inflammation. What do these PEMF pulses do?, they make the cells open by changing changes and allow the nutrients to enter cells and waste materials to get removed. When cells throughout our body get restored, they function more efficiently and that is the main benefit of PEMF mat.


The cellular reaction to the applied magnetic field occurs throughout the body and gets relief to the body in a number of ways, as these cells are not condition specific. The PEMF mats have been shown to increase circulation, muscle function, bone healing and blood oxygenation and in result also reducing inflammation and stress. The major benefits of PEMF mat are briefly described below,

 PEMF mats, like healthylineoutlet.com, have been shown to promote deep relaxation, and help with falling asleep more quickly and to keep you asleep comfortably through the night. This is done by stimulated release of melatonin and human growth hormones, both of which are associated with longevity and peaceful sleep.

PEMF mat also provides relief from long-lasting pain, promotes healing and improves the individual’s range of movements.

Another benefit of PEMF mat is the promotion of the active/alpha state of the brain, in which your brain is relaxed yet entirely active and is promised to learn and retain information more properly. The brain’s ability also gets enhanced sometimes and it allows the individual to be highly productive.

PEMF mat therapy gives muscles and cells of your body to bear more stress and workload and heal faster. The wear and tear of cells is also prevented and the healing and uptake of oxygen gets promoted.


  • They key to better health results and peaceful sleep is getting to choose the best PEMF mat for you, for which, you must consider certain key points that will help you to evaluate the best PEMF mat for you,

 The first step is to get informed and collect all important information about PEMF mat therapy, as there is not one device that is suitable for everyone’s needs and each person has different specifics. PEMF mats offer benefits against many diseases and worsening health conditions. And electromagnetic radiation helps your body mechanically, chemically and electrically. You must also consider your doctor’s opinion, budget, and your state of health.

Before choosing the PEMF mat, you must ask yourself about your lifestyle, health condition, chronic health problem if any and budget you want to spend on it.

Both the construction and magnetic field emission of PEMF mat should be considered beforehand. You must also know the important parameters in this regard such as intensity, frequency, number and type of programmes, and applicator features, as all of these features and knowledge will help you to finalize the best mat for your needs and health conditions.

Testing the pre and after sales support is one of the most important “human” factors that should be considered before buying, and it is easy to decide if the company is helping you in making the right choice and also try sending them an email or a call to clarify these points. Their response and customer support will help you decide better.

It is also important to know the manufacturer and spend your money on a good manufacturer after thorough research. Try to buy PEMF mat from a well-established company that has a great reputation and client satisfaction rate.

CE marking is what determines if a medical device is safe and better for public use, and is followed by notified bodies that certify the conformity of the product. This marking comes in handy and most important before buying your PEMF mat.


The Biomat is one of the most widely known PEMF mat that is produced by RichWay International, established in 1997. The popularity of Biomat spread by person to person reviews and they  appear to have built the brand on a good product. Biomat appears to meet all the standards that you should consider before buying a PEMF mat and is best in the class. It is FDA approved and has already been deemed safe for the public. A limited 3 year warranty is the standard and the company provides great support and after sales services. You can get your Biomat from offline stores, or many online stores such as amazon or ebay at great deals and ensure a sound sleep and health benefits.




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