Is Video Walls Are Worth For Their Value?


The short answer to this question is ‘Yes’ They are precious for building any company or brand reputation in the market. They can quickly gather mass attention for their self-support services, size, and color-producing ability within some minutes. With excellent input and outstanding pieces of content, a video wall will never disappoint its owner.

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How To Choose The Right Led Screen Rental?

Wondering how led video walls will be if they could talk? They would be screaming brightness and high definition picture quality. But is this their only wow factor? You will have to read this article till the end to find out. we are going to take over on how to choose the right Led screen hire that will cater to your requirements and needs. In addition to that, we will also be talking about the wow factor which makes renting led screens such a popular trend for quite some time now. 

We all know that sports complexes and concert grounds have led screen to retain the audience of the huge crowd capacity that show up every time. But do you know where else can you install these led video walls on request? In case you are wondering what are the screens called that are installed in the reception rooms of several multinational companies, then you are confusing LCD screens with LED Videowalls. LED video walls are huge and take up a lot of space on the wall than you can imagine.

What is the major difference between an LCD screen and an LED firewall?

Liquid crystals displays are acronymed as LCD and they are created by sandwiching a layer of liquid crystal between two polarized pieces of glass very similar to your smartphones. But liquid crystals cannot produce their lights which is why there are backlights behind the polarized glass to illuminate the display screen.

This is the main reason why LCD Screens lack vibrancy and bright color contrasting schemes. Although if you are an inattentive person then you would probably miss the difference between LCD and LED screens.

In addition to that, when LCD screens are tilted together while creating video walls and the borders between the frame and screen which is visible between the individual panels. Both these points are not valid when we are talking about LED Videowall

Why choose LED screen rental?

Light-emitting diodes are acronymed as LED screens and don’t require backlights behind the polarized glass. On the other hand, they produce colored light without any backlight back up after a certain amount of voltage is applied to the screen. This is the reason why they are brighter and vibrant as there are no filaments between the panels. LED screens are more energy-efficient compared to LCD screens and they do not become hot or burn out if kept on for a prolonged duration of time. 

In addition to that, currently, the digital market has scrapped Standard definition out of the market and instead introduced high definition video in LED screens, therefore is also a format of video supported by LED video wall.

Since LED screens do not have any bezels which ones you can put several LED screens together to give rise to a big LED Video wall without breaking the flow of the video. Even though there are different panel sizes available in the market, but most common LED screens joined together as a video wall are of size half a meter or about 19 inches. But depending on your requirement you can have images of all sizes right from small to extremely large.

Things to consider while choosing a LED screen rental?

For what purpose do you require a LED video wall, outdoor and indoor?

There are a few differences when it comes to indoor LED video walls and outdoor LED Video walls. Indoor LED video walls have a lower pixel pitch and they are mostly not weatherproofed. On the other hand, outdoor LED video walls have a higher pixel pitch but are all weatherproof so that the video walls are not destroyed in rain or other wraths of nature. 

Compared to indoor LED video walls, outdoor LED video walls are a lot brighter as they have to often compete with the sun’s bright rays. The main difference thus lies in the picture quality.  Although circumstances like extreme worse weather conditions can force you to convert the event from outdoor to indoor. But if you are renting LED Video walls based on whether your event will be held on the open or inside, then you might land in trouble if such natural circumstances arise.

How to choose the right size of LED Videowall?

LED screens are available in all sizes which is why you need to understand and identify the size of LED screens that will cater to your requirement. For smaller and intimate events, you can opt for a smaller screen size while for larger outdoor events such as concerts, football matches or award shows you will require a bigger LED screen size. If you are an event organizer and have been paid a hefty amount of money by your client, then you can even opt for custom sized LED screen for your video wall?

What is the size of the pixel pitch you require?

While going through different options before you choose the LED Screen rental, you will also have to consider pixel pitch. Also known as dot pitch, you will be requiring LED screens with higher pixel pitch for outdoor events. Always remember that the smaller the pixel pitch is the less space there will be between the pixels which means higher pixel density and enhances screen resolution.

If you are wondering, whether purchasing LED screens will be cheaper than renting them, then think this through. Not only are you saving the cost of multiple LED screens but also not saving a lot of unnecessary space which otherwise would be blocked by the LED screens. In addition to that renting is an easier way out especially if you are running an event managing company. You can make a recurring deal with the vendor who will provide you with enough LED screens so that you can build a video wall whenever your client’s requirement asks for it.  This is why you should go for LED screen rental instead of purchasing a bunch of them.


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