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pexels ekaterina bolovtsova 5956722

Getting the perfect birthday gift can be very difficult, and finding birthday ideas can be time-consuming. It is generally hard to buy things for people who have the things they need or want. Where is even the fun in gifting someone with the things they’ve asked for?

Using myself as an example, on every birthday, people ask me the same question… ‘What should I give you on your birthday?’ This seems like the perfect question to ask anyone whose birthday is near. So I assume that I’m not the only person who is asked such a question.

My reply to this type of question, on every occasion, is ‘I don’t know’… I may even say that ‘I don’t know, but you can surprise me.’

So, in response to my previous point, I’m guessing I’m not the only person who answers the birthday gift question with ‘I don’t know.’

This question usually puts me in a moral dilemma when I try to guess the person’s budget. I wouldn’t want to get cheeky and ask for something big ‘Hmmm… Get me a brand new laptop?’

Going too low might not be helpful to anyone as well… ‘Hmmm… My socks are getting worse by the day – could you get me new socks?’

So, the safer option is to reply, ‘I don’t know.’

Then the D-day (birthday) comes, and I’m given the usual shopping vouchers. With the vouchers, I get all sorts of fun things throughout the year.

Listed below are some of the things I bought with the shopping vouchers I was given on my birthday:

  • A coupler and a Coaxial AV/TV aerial cable
  • A wireless doorbell
  • A suction shower basket
  • Oral B toothbrush
  • An outdoor lever bib tap
  • A universal cooker hood grease filter

It’s fun, right?

These stuff are very useful, but I’ve been treating myself to a new brush every month. The tap does not leak again.

But this does not scream the word ‘birthday.’ It doesn’t even look like the perfect birthday present to me.

Birthday gifts are usually best when they are unknown. They excite more as a surprise package. A gift you could never have thought of buying for yourself, perhaps.

Image via: Global Gear

Getting a mystery box is, therefore, the best birthday present idea. It ticks every box of being the perfect birthday present. It is a birthday present where you choose a theme, and a box of surprise goodies will be sent to you.

The uniqueness of a mystery box can be assessed from two points of view: the perspective of the recipient and the buyer’s perspective.

First, a mystery gift box eliminates the stress of searching for the best and perfect birthday gift from the buyer’s perspective.

You wouldn’t need to ask the birthday celebrant ridiculous questions again because there wouldn’t be a need to know the full details yourself.

Secondly, from the recipient’s point of view, they are getting a true birthday gift; a surprise. A gift to open and be satisfied, a superb gift of mystique and intrigue, a complete surprise box filled with gifts relating to the theme given by the buyer. You can choose from the ‘For Him’ theme, ‘For Her’ theme, ‘For Dad’ theme, ‘For Mum’ theme, ‘Gender Neutral’ theme, etc. 

If you don’t want the box to have a birthday theme, you can also order the relevant standalone ‘Gender Neutral’ theme, the ‘For Him’ theme, ‘For Her’ theme, ‘For Dad’ theme, ‘For Mum’ theme, etc. It is essential to expressly state that the mystery box you are choosing is not a birthday gift.


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